Birthday Spanking: can it be an art?  

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1/10/2006 5:19 pm

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Birthday Spanking: can it be an art?

One of my favorite things to do for my ladies, wether it be Deni or any of our playmates, is to make thier B-day something special.
More to the point, thier B-day spanking.

I enjoy making it more than just some dreary party, or simply dinner & giggles. No, I like to take them out, feed them well, tease & hint, then take them to bed & spend a good LONG time making them very happy they got older that day. One woman we have been talking to for some time has her day coming up, we're hoping she'll let me treat her to one.
One of the last ones I did was with a mutual playmate that lasted well over two hours. She was dreading getting older & is NOT into spankins anyway. SO I made it a treat for her, & you can damn well believe she'll never forget THAT birthday.

Point of the post here is this: Today is Deni's 29th B-day (again).

I managed to get off work a couple hours early. Nothin goin on anyway, too many people around, fuggit! So I came home early & suprised Deni.
Now she knows whats coming, being married to a devious bastard can be fun! I let her continue to watch her show as I set up the bedroom. You know, couple candles, turn the covers down, some Enigma on the stereo (was a tossup between that & Sade), etc. etc.
So, on to the meat of it so to speak.

I got her up & sent her back to the room. I had her strip down & helped her with the last bits as I took off the rest of my clothing. Then I lay her back & started to slooooowly, softly, run my tounge up & down her stomach, breasts, sides, & neck. Stopping occasionaly to blow on the moistened flesh eliciting soft sighs & quivering flesh. At the same time I'm covering her body with mine, letting my cock gently rub on her exposed pussy, teasing her with the heat. After alternating between this treatment & some body massage, I had her roll onto her knees. With her sweet round ass in the air, it was time to start the spanking.
But not yet! Oh no, half the fun is in the anticipation. So I nibbled on her ass & again blew on the wet areas to cool them then rubbing them deeply to heat them right back up, also to prepare them.
I moved behind her & gently, & very slowly entered her, all the while deeply massaging the soft flesh of her ass. As soon as she started to moan & push back the first strike came, making her jump a little, them push back harder. I struck her ass, alternating sides while I rubbed the sting out of each side with my hands, all the while feeling her bucking on my cock as I slowly fucked her.

Now we dont want this to be over early so I stopped spanking & started to fuck her good & hard, bringing her to the brink of orgasm, & pulling out! Ohhhh, cold bastard huh?
So I have her roll onto her back with her arms spread. I then take each arms & slip loops of rope over her wrists that are clipped to rings on the headboard. This is where I get mean.
Next to the bed I have hidden a couple cubes of ice. So I take the ice out & start to carefully let the heat of my hand melt it & drip the cooooold water onto her breasts & belly, delighting in her sharp intake of breath. I then lay my warm body on top of hers to contrast the cold water for a sensation that has her arching her back up to meet me. I take the cube & slowly rub it in each nipple in turn, then suck them hard, repeating this to alternate the sensations, making her breathe very hard & moan loudly. Once she's good & worked up, it's back to the water torture as I start to drip it on her again, starting at her neck & going inch by inch down to her pussy,...
When the 1st drop hits her exposed sex she writhes & yells out. Then to make her even hotter, I cool her off more, lightly pushing the ice against her lips & exposed clit. This sets her off & she starts to cum as I quickly slide my cock into her & start to fuck her furiously wich lights off her 1st hard orgasm.
She's had enough of the ice and the stimulation has her pussy tremoring & sensitive, so I put it away. I return to massaging her & roll her hips to one side then the other so I can continue her spanking, rubbing each strike into her reddening ass.

I reach up & unclip her bonds, but leave them on her wrists. Then I move down her body dragging my tounge along the center of her belly down to her pussy. I nibble the insides of her thighs & tease her before I start to eat her. I lick & kiss & suck, teasing her to the edge, & over, bringing her to a couple fair orgasms before I find her G-spot with a finger & turn up the intensity, giving her two shuddering hair pulling (mine) orgasms.
Time for more spanking, I lay back & have her mount my cock. I clip her bonds to eachother & hold them up so she can neither lean back or play with herself. Each time she tries I give her ass a swat. She has to grind herself on me to get it just right & she rides me for a good time bringing herself off yet again, colapsing on top of me. I rub her down & let her rest for a bit, then I get her back on her hands & knees. She has 5 left,...

By now she's had enough & is very tender & sensitive. Deni is VERY tight, & even when highly stimulated can get to the point of pain if we're not carefull. So what I do is just barely enter her, & let her use the head of my cock to massage her sore pussy. I dont move at all, she does it herself. A little at a time she slowly works all of me into her again & pushes back into me & I can feel her tight pussy clamping down on my cock with a sweet delicious sensation that brings me closer to my own orgasm. During this time I give her 4 more strikes, good warming ones that make her moan a little each time.
Having neared my own release I pull out of her & shoot my cum onto her ass & then lean down over her to kiss her neck & shoulders. I tell her she has ONE more.

I move off of her & she stays with her ass in the air. I ask her where she wants it, if she'd like her hairbrush or not. She wants bare handed like the others, & tells me what side. I rub the target for a bit, readying it for the final blow, this years addition as it were.
The last strike is flat & firm & the sound is alarmingly loud. She barely moves when it comes & there's just the hint of a smile on her lips as she wiggles her rear under my massaging hand as I rub the sting out.
We crawl under the covers & enjoy eachothers heat for some time, then it's back to reality.
Maybe next year we can invite someone else to help,...

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