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Note: I’ve received some emails (actually only one) asking me how many parts there are to my story and if I’m telling it any kind of order. Actually I have no idea how many posts it will take before I get tired of digging into my past. I’m going to add this same updated paragraph at the beginning of each post so a new reader can make sense and read my post from the beginning if they would like. My story is summarized in the three posts titled “I was forced, but believe I’m Ok”, then “Now I was getting it from both ends”, and comes up to date with “Alien Resurrection”. In between there are a few other musings but I was nicely asked by someone if there was any more I could tell. So I started with “Mr. & Mrs. M” as the first part and the second is “My Tutor”. I haven’t decided on a title for the third part.

“My Tutor”
On Friday night I was so excited I hardly slept. I carefully folded my skimpy sundress (remember at this time Marilyn Monroe was the big movie star) and secretly packed a small bag with my pumps, wig, and the only make-up I had, lipstick. In the morning I bathed and slipped in my best pair of stockings along with white panties. Put my drab cloths on top and headed for my lessons.

Observation: I noticed that several of the important figures at this point in my life have names that begin with “M”. I didn’t think this had any influence on calling myself “-M”, but now I’m beginning to wonder if there is more to it than I thought.

When I arrived Mrs. M led me into her study and had me sit facing her. When she asked if was ready to work on my English my face must have fallen some. Ever notice how nothing seems to get by a good teacher? She said we were alone and asked if I would be more comfortable dressed in my extra clothes, then it would be ok. I was getting nervous again so she took my hands and said it was ok either way, but if I wanted to dress there was a bathroom I could use to change right across the hall. Still holding my hands she stood and helped me up, then with her hand on my shoulder walked me to the changing room.

I was excited and very nervous as I slipped into my dress and heels. I adjusted my wig and after I carefully applied my lipstick I just stood there, afraid to open the door and face Mrs. M as a girl. In a short while there was a tap on the door and Mrs. M asking if I was ok, and could she open the door now? I reached over, unlocked the door and stood there as Mrs. M slowly pushed open the door. She smiled and asked me to twirl so she could see all of my dress, then complimented me on my style. Only problem was my cock was hard and I was afraid if I moved it would slip out of my panties and make the front of my dress poke out. She smiled as she told me I was a beautiful young girl but I would have to be careful or some boy would try and take advantage of me. By now I was fully in girl mode so I giggled and said she might have it backwards. We both laughed and Mrs. M suggest now that I was ready we should get started on my English lessons.

After two hours of English lessons I was tired and my squirming had caused me to smear my lipstick, and my wig was crooked. Mrs. M suggested we take a break and I could fix myself, or if I didn’t mind she would like to help. This time we went into her bathroom and she sat me at her vanity. She asked if I minded if she tried a couple of things with my real hair so she removed my wig and brushed my slightly long hair, at least long for a boy. Conditioner and curlers were added, then she worked with a brush a curling iron to add some more body, and finally she sprayed the loose hairs into place and asked what I thought about the look. I was amazed and asked if she would teach me to fix it myself. Mrs. M replied she could show me how to fix my hair and many other things including how to properly use make-up. She proceeded to clean my face then trimmed and applied some false eyelashes. Next she worked on my eyes, explaining how the shadow and liner could be applied to enhance my eyes. A base was applied to my face and a little color was worked in along with shading and a powder. My lipstick was thrown in the trash as she applied a much lighter shade. I was amazed, I had never felt so pretty in my short cross dressing life. Mrs. M said there was more as she trimmed my fingernails and applied a set of false fingernails. As my nails were drying she asked if wanted to try on some new stockings and panties she had bought for me last night. I was almost jumping I was so happy as she handed me these exquisite sheer black lace top hose and a pair of very lacy black panties and matching bra. She turned her back and said to change my panties but she wanted to show me the proper way to put on my new hose. When I was ready she tossed my old hose in the trash and kneeling in front of me unrolled the new stockings up my legs and carefully smoothed out the wrinkles. They looked so nice but I didn’t think they would stay up. I should have guess she would be ready since Mrs. M was such a stunning woman. She asked me to remove my dress and handed me a very sexy lace up garter belt. This she adjusted to my size and then clipped the straps to my lacy stockings. Next she slipped on the black bra and helped me get back into my dress. As I put on my heels she asked what size I wore, then said new shoes would have to wait until next week. We walked out to the front room which had a full size mirror and I was astounded. I didn’t even recognize the girl in the mirror. Not only was there no way anyone could tell I was a boy, I was an absolutely beautiful teenage (almost teenage) girl. Mrs. M told me not to cry or she would have to fix my makeup before Mr. M got home.


Next comes “Now I know about Mr. M”

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