A seereeoslee good time, best time of my life!  

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2/1/2006 7:05 pm

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A seereeoslee good time, best time of my life!

As any of you who may have noticed in my other blog entry's who my first time was with. i am sad to hear that she is no longer available but thats the way it goose. good luck to you seereeoslee, you made me a new man.

well were to start,
first off i joined AdultFriendFinder in December of 05, i was lonely and horny , i had been on this site for a week or so when i got up the nerve to email some girls, i figured what have i got to loose .
well 20 emails later and nothing, just auto replies and no new emails , not even a wink. well that caused me to start thinking of ending my profile, till one night i was checking out some profiles and saw one from close by had a cam on, so being the voyeur i am i clicked on it.
this girl from my home city was entertaining a man, i thought wow its worth a shot i will email her.
well by the next morning i had a new message, she had read my profile and wanted to meet me, i was in shock. i got to im her several times and we talked on the phone some.
then we got to meet, we had coffee and went to wegmans , on of my favorite hang outs.

you are probably hoping I'm going to tell you we had sex in my truck in the parking lot, well we didn't, she gave me a big hug and we said goodbye,
the first thing i thought was "i just blew it , I'm such an ass , her is this cool girl i just meet and i took her to wegmans, I'm such an ass"

well turns out she thought it was cool just to hang out and talk, that made me very relaxed and she told me she wanted to meet me again, so we meet at a book store and then went to my house were we watched a movie, sorry folks no sex yet.

well we talked on line for a few weeks till she had time to meet me again, this time she came over and we ordered a pizza and watched another movie, we also polished off a bottle of Capitan Morgans mixed with coke, well at the end of the movie we stood in my kitchen and talked till 1 am.
then she said she was sleepy and thought we should go to bed, i shut off my lites and we went into my bed room.

i think I'm going to leave the rest of the night for another entry, if this one gets allot of views, or any posts i will let you know how the night ended.

i know i talked about allot of minute details but with this being my first time for any of this i wanted to include everything. like i said it was the best experience of my life and it will be etched on me for eternity.

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