The Restaurant Curious  

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3/6/2006 7:19 pm
The Restaurant Curious

I enter the restaurant and see him sitting in a booth in the
corner. I recognize him from his photos but this is the first
time we've met face to face. I approach the booth and
slide in next to him. Our eyes lock and he smiles and I smile
back, he reaches his arm around my shoulder and kisses me
deep and hard, his tongue searching out mine. My heart quickens
and I feel a rush throughout my body. My pussy tingles in
anticipation. I place my hand on his leg and slowly move
my hand up to his crotch, feeling his hard cock through his
jeans. I can feel him thrust ever so gently against my hand.
He places his hand between my legs and can feel the heat of
my pussy through my pants. He smiles and slowly unzips my
pants, sliding a hand down to feel my wet, hot pussy. I groan
as he brushes my clit with his finger then inserts a finger
in my pussy. I unzip his pants to free his hard cock,
I stroke it gently feeling the hard smoothness of his rigid
shaft, running a finger over the head and feeling the smooth,
wet precum. I pull my fingers away and lick the precum off
my fingers...mmm he tastes so good. He groans slightly seeing
me lick my fingers. He too slips his fingers out of my pussy
and brings his fingers to his lips. I reach up and kiss him
at the same time tasting me on his fingers and his lips. We
both are very aroused and decide to leave and go somewhere
more private, somewhere that we can really let our urges and desires free

We get in his car and head down the street to find a hotel, any hotel, motel, anyplace at all. I’m so damn wet, so horny I can barely stand it. I need to get fucked, sucked, licked and feel his hard cock buried deep inside me. I want to take his cock in my mouth a suck his dick so bad, lick and suck on his balls. “Fuck it” I reach down unzipping his pants as we drive. I reach in and pull his hard cock out so I can see it and play with it. Stroke it and yes…suck it. I don’t even care that we are in traffic, not really the safest thing to do, but what the hell, the risk adds to the excitement. His cock is so hard and there is a small amount of precum on the tip. I lick it off and take his whole cock deep inside my mouth and throat.

He pulls over to the shoulder and makes a right hand turn into a parking lot, parking quickly on the outside edge away from most of the other shoppers. I want him to cum so bad so I can taste him. I’m sucking and stroking him, licking around the head of his dick with my tongue. I go down on him again as I stroke his cock furiously. Finally he cums, a glorious large warm load of it goes spewing inside my mouth. More than I can swallow and it runs out of the corners of my mouth and across my cheeks and chin, magnificent and tasty. Licking and sucking the last of it off of and out of his dick. He say, “Get in the back”. We exit the front of the car and retire to the back seat. He strips off my pants and panties, throws 1 leg over the front seat and the other over the back of the rear seat, my foot against the window. Burying his face deep between my legs he starts to finger me, lick me, suck on and nibble my clit. The whole thought of broad daylight fucking in the middle of a parking lot in the back seat of a car and the feel of his fingers inside me while he eats my pussy is so amazing I do not last long…how could I.I cum hard immediately, bucking and pushing myself against him. God it was so awesome. So exciting, so unlike anything I have ever experienced.

I pull on my clothes and as we get out to get back in the front so we can leave we notice to young men about 25 or so stand not to far away. We see them, they see us. They smile; give us the thumbs up; and a quick clap of approval. We both start to laugh, he bows, I give a curtsy and we get in his car. Leaving the parking lot smiling, very sexually relieved with a very exciting story to tell in the future.

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