Another Fantasy letter to Curious ( about a new friend)  

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2/21/2006 1:19 pm

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Another Fantasy letter to Curious ( about a new friend)

Hi babe.
This is the way I see it going down in my head. Mmmmmm….It
will be so awesome. So here it is.

We arrange to meet as a 3some. You are wearing a secret beneath
your clothes, something sexy, something shear, something
to freeze time in its tracks just to hold the sight of you
for that extra moment. Ms. X has also arrived prepared,
she to is scantily, sensually, provocatively attired
beneath her clothes. We sit and chat over a drink. Then you
lean over and give Her a kiss, a deep, long kiss. You are embracing
and touching each other fondling each others breast thru
your clothes. You simultaneously stand and begin to slowly
and erotically undress each other, until you are both just
wearing your Lingerie, your soft sensual lingerie. Passion
and fire between you is fantastic. Your hands are between
each others legs. Neither of you wearing panties, rubbing,
fingering, fondling each others wet hot pussies. You drop
down to your knees and start to lick and suck on Ms. X pussy
and clit, she holds onto the back of your head pushing your
face into her pussy. Her head is thrown back as she enjoys
the feel of your tongue against her as you finger fuck her
searching for that sweet spot inside her that you know is

She rolls her head down to look at you as you lick her, finger
her and play with her ass. She raises you up so that she may
kiss you passionately and then lower herself to give back
that which she has just received watch as She slowly kisses
and licks her way down your body. Kneeling in front of you
now she begins to lick you and touch you. She runs her had
between your legs. With her hand on your ass she places her
middle finger between the cheeks of your ass and with one
long slow motion she rubs you with her finger from the crack
of your ass across your pussy and up to your clit. She now
rubs and licks you, fingers you and searches inside you.
Her other hand is fingering your ass.

I’m so fucking horny, my cock so hard , aching for a signal
to join you, but the signal doesn't come because inside
your minds you know that watching the two of you is driving
me wild, driving me crazy as I tape you and in knowing this
in your minds only adds to the eroticness of the whole experience.

The two of you are now standing, facing each other kissing.
You put your had on Her ass and walk her to the bed and lay down
facing each other. Kissing, fondling, fingering and fucking
each other. You roll on your side and summon me. I remove
my clothes and make my way to the bed. I kneel between your
legs and begin to lick and eat your moist pussy. I roll my
fingers together and begin to finger fuck you the way I know
you like it. With my fingers still in your pussy I turn my
attention to Ms. X. Her pussy is wet soft and her clit is hard
and bulging. I press my tongue firmly against her sweet
bud and begin to lick her and finger her with my other hand.
You are kissing each other, holding and touching each other
while I am fingering the two of you simultaneously.

In my anxious hurry to join I had forgotten to turn on the
web cam that had been set up on my laptop. I remove myself
from the bed to turn it on and leave the two of you to enjoy
each other briefly. While I am up I pick out a few select toys
to bring back with me. One is the Double headed dildo that
I had bought for you in Edmonton. When I return I kiss each
of you individually. Your kisses are wet deep and sweet,
She also has a very sweet taste, and I suck on her tongue much
the way I suck on yours. As you lay beside each other I part
your legs and straddle 1 from each of you side by side. I once
again begin to finger the two of you, to lick you and touch
you both. 1 at a time I turn on the vibrators and insert 1 in
each of your pussies. I now toy fuck the two of you slowly
and deep as you continue to enjoy the touch, feel and taste
of each others bodies. You are both so wet, your sweet nectar
glistening on the vibrators as I work them in your pussies.
I remove the vibrators and place an egg inside each of you,
then insert the double dildo in first Ms. X then you. With
my hand holding the dildo in the middle and the eggs lightly
humming in each of you I begin to work the dildo deep inside
you both. As I push it into you I retract it from Her and back
and forth it goes, Deeper, farther, faster with every stroke.
You pull yourself away from Her, she rolls flat on her back.
I remove the dildo from her and as I do you begin fucking her
with a Vibrator, the Red sleeved one, the one with the little
nubs on it. Together we pull Her back towards the foot of
the bed, I move around in front of her head. Leaning over
her I place my arms under her knees to raise her up and forward
spreading her legs wider apart allowing you better access
to her pussy and ass while she can enjoy it in a relaxing position
with no effort on her part because I am holding and supporting
her. You plunge the vibrator deep inside her as you lick
and finger her tight sweet ass. My hard cock is in front of
Her face dangling invitingly She leans up eagerly to take
it in her mouth. Licking at it with her tongue I lower myself
down she can suck it and lick it. You raise your head so as
to watch her sweet lips wrap around my cock and work the shaft
of my cock up and down. You continue to finger fuck her as
you watch and while you are watching your pussy begins to
ache for the feel of a warm hard cock buried deep inside.
You reach across with your hand and clutch me by the face
forcing me to look at you eye to eye, “Fuck me, Fuck me right
now you demand.
I now move and position myself behind you. Your pussy so
wet and my cock so hard I slide inside you easily and begin
to fuck you slow and deep. “Fuck me hard” you say, “Fuck me
fast”. Now I begin slamming my cock inside you hard, fast
and deep. The egg is still inside you from before and there
is still one vibrator lying on the bed. I grab it and start
fucking you in the ass with it as I plunge my cock in you furiously.
I reach around and clutch you by the throat, pulling you
back and squeezing you tightly. My cock in your pussy with
the egg, the vibrator in your ass and now with me choking
you is to much to hold back against and you cum magnificently,
amazing. During all of this Ms. X has been watching as I choke
you and fuck you. Feeling the pleasure of your fingers and
listening to the sounds of us fucking she to now is ready,
on the edge and cums hard bucking and pushes herself against
your fingers driving the deeper inside her.

You both now are pretty well fucked, but by no means exhausted
and certainly not finished. You pull away from me and then
on your hands and knees turn to face me. You hold me by the
cock and start to suck on me, She joins in and the 2 of you share
my cock between you. You reach your hand between my legs
and start to play with my ass. As She is sucking on me you lean
under and start to suck on my balls and lick me. Two mouths
and tongues is such a turn on. You take some lube and start
to finger my ass. She rolls over onto her back, still licking
and sucking on me, I lean over and start eating her tasty
sweet pussy again in a 69 while you are fingering my ass and
squeezing my balls.
You stop…..crawl up beside me and say” You are my toy...right,
and I can break you if I want”, “Then roll over on your back
and let us try”.

I roll over on my back. You spread my legs as She begins to
tie me one arm at a time to the bed. Then the two of you tie my
legs to the other end and blindfold me. One of you begins
to rub my chest and pinch and pull at my nipples while the
other is slowly stroking my cock, squeezing it hard on the
way up. I can feel moist lips around the head of my dick while
it is still being stroked and now suck hard on the head and
a tongue run around the tip from time to time. A set of lips
are pressed against mine and a hand is gripped firmly around
my throat. I am given a deep hard kiss and as she pulls away
from the kiss I get bitten on the lower lip then licked now
to my nipples. I feel my nipples being sucked on and bitten
as my cock is being sucked and stroked hard .There is a pussy
now in my face , I want to lick but it is just out of reach , I
lash out with my tongue but who ever it is pulls away just
enough that I can not. I hear soft whispers, I try to hear.
Then comes the low hum of a vibrator and the feeling of lube
being rubbed on my ass. A finger is inserted and worked in
and out of my ass, and then I feel the vibe being slowly, gently
inserted into me. God I love it, being at the mercy of the
two of you. Being totally dominated by you and submissive
to you. Now being fucked in the ass by 1 with a vibe while having
my cock sucked and stroked on hard while the other chokes
me and bites me, pinches and scratches me. Your toy to be
played with to share and be rough with. The nipple biting
and rubbing stops. One of you is up to something but what
is it. Then suddenly I feel hot wax drip on my chest….my nipples…my
belly. A kiss...A hard passionate kiss then the pleasurefull
sting of hot wax again and again. The hard stroking of my
cock, the sucking, the licking. The hard passionate kisses
and the sweet sting of hot wax as it drips on me is getting
to be too much. The sucking has now stopped and turned to
hard fast stroking, faster, harder and faster still. I
can not take anymore. The vibrator still humming in my ass
I let out a load moan, a gasp and cum hard sending it straight
into the air. Oh my god, I lay there and quiver as one of you
tease the very sensitive head of my cock with there tongue
and lips, causing me to buck and flinch with every touch.
I am so done for now.

We are all so done ………..for now.

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