A letter to a Network Friend  

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3/2/2006 8:12 pm

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A letter to a Network Friend

Curious and I got to thinking about what you would be like. How you would feel. It would be sweet to meet with you for drinks some day. Have everything seem to click. You like our sense of humor and We make you laugh. There is a serious physical attraction, as we talk the conversation turns to sex. Likes, Dislikes, things we would like to try. We all start getting a little horny. It shows on you by the way you move around in your seat and myself nor Curious are not to shy to come right out and say it.

We suggest we get a room and see how it goes. You shyly yet eagerly agree.
We leave the pub and you follow us in your vehicle to a hotel. We check in. Go to the Room.

I open the door, let you in. The door clicks softly behind us. You are facing away from us as we stand behind you. I put my hands on your hips and turn you around, I slide my hands down your hips slowly to your ass, and I kiss you on the lips, the neck. You smell and taste great. Your ass is firm yet soft under your jeans. I slide my hands up off your ass, up your hips, your sides. I slide them up and under your arms pulling your shirt up at the same time. I continue raising your arms and shirt over your head, exposing your lace covered breasts. You are wearing a shear black bra, semi see thru, those beautiful tits barely hidden beneath it. I pause with your arms out stretched over your head to lick and suck your nipples thru your bra. Curious stands idly by watching.
I stop and turn you around, place your outstretched hands against the wall, like a cop about to pat you down. With your hands clasp together against the wall I hold you there by your wrist with one hand and slowly move my other hand down your arm, across your throat...down between your beautiful tits, pause briefly as I caress your stomach to feel the short deep breaths you are taking before I continue down and slide my hand between your legs to feel your heat and wetness thru your jeans.

Holding you still against the wall I lean in and kiss, nibble and softly bite your neck and shoulders while I continue to rub you firmly between your legs.

I release your wrist and you continue to stand, hands pressed against the wall. I now slide my other hand down your arms to join my other hand. I pause and easily undo the clasp on your bra with 1 hand, then continue slowly softly down to undo your jeans. Undoing them and placing 1 hand on either hip, I pull your jeans down to see a nice thong pantie matching your bra. With your pants now down to your ankles, you step out of them one leg at a time, planting your feet back on the soft carpet with your legs spread apart.

God your ass is so sweet, so awesome. Curious puts her hands on your ass with a thumb on either side of you cheeks. She is kneeling behind you, she raises your ass up a little and as she does she spread your checks slightly apart with her thumbs. She leans in and lick you, her tongue in the crack of your ass, now moving partly underneath you she licks your pussy and clit turning her head a bit to the side she leans in a little further so she can suck on your clit. Her hands rubb and playing with your ass.

I slide 2 fingers in your hot wet pussy , curl them forward and search for that sweet spot in side you that no one has found before. Curious’s tongue licking at your ass, my fingers probing and searching inside your pussy. You push your ass back against Curious’s face. You drop down a bit as if your knees are weakening. We don't want you to cum now. We want you as wet and Horny as possible so that the anticipation only adds to the climax.

I remove my fingers from you and I place my hands on your shoulders to force you down to your knees. You undo my pants and pull out my hard throbbing cock. You slide your soft smooth lips over the tip of my cock, Sucking and flickering your tongue over my smooth hot head. With my hands on the top of your head I now guide you deeper onto my cock. Sucking, licking and stroking the length of my shaft with your lips. Fuck it feels so great. As your a sucking me you pull my pants down so I can step out of them. As you do I remove my shirt. One of your hands is cupping my balls and the other is rubbing my stomach and pelvis. You reach between my legs to rub my ass and play with it. I am so worked up, so horny. My cock just aching to be in your pussy. I want to fuck you so bad.

I put my hands on the sides of your face and raise you up. I kiss you . Put my hands on your ass and pick you up. As I walk you towards the bed you wrap your legs around me. Placing you on the end of the bed I push you back, my hands on the back of your knees I raise your legs up and spread them apart. Your pussy glistens with your wetness. I shove my cock in you deep and start fucking you hard and slow. As I am screwing you, you slide up farther on the bed with each deep powerful stroke. You reach up and grab me around the neck, pulling me down on you. Now with me on top of you, you roll to take a dominant position. Your on top straddling me raising and lowering yourself along my stiff shaft...slamming yourself down with force. You get off and turn around ...straddling my cock again you start fucking me reverse cowgirl...your head thrown back, I can see that beautiful ass now as your rise up and down .. Faster ...deeper.
I need to be able to pull on that hair...God...I want in you from behind so I can tug on the soft sweet hair.

I sit up and put my hands around your waist, clasping my wrists I stand with my cock still inside your pussy and turn you around. You are now on your hands and knees on the bed…my cock in you doggy style. With my hand flat between your shoulder blades I push you down on the bed...your ass still raised high. I grab a hand full of your beautiful hair and gently tug on it. I wet my finger and slip it gently in to your ass. My cock pounding your hot wet pussy …deeper …faster, my finger sliding in and out of your tight ass. You are starting to cum…I can feel it by the way your ass squeezes against my finger.
Knowing you are almost there makes me hornier …harder and drive my ridged cock deeper into your pussy.

You grab the pillow by either side burying your face in it ...pulling the sides up as if trying to tear it in half...pushing yourself back hard against me as you cum…
Now I am close…I can feel it building up inside me...my nuts aching for release... just before I cum I pull my cock out of you and send my load of warm slippery cum streaming across your ass and back. As I finish you roll over, only to find Curious straddling you in a sixty nine, She licks and fingers your wet well fucked pussy. You grab her by the ass and plunge your face deep into her pussy , lapping up her wetness and tasting her sweetness. You push 3 fingers deep inside her hot wet aching pussy and the 2 of you finger fuck and lick each other to simultaneous orgasm. As you roll off each other, you look up. Smiling you say how much fun that was and when could we do it again.

Sound interesting…..Let me know what you think.

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