Yin and Yang? Oxymoron?  

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4/12/2006 9:33 pm

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Yin and Yang? Oxymoron?

As I ponder my morals-personallity-beliefs-character,I find my persona confusing. We are all individuals that are shaped by their genetics, upbringing, friends, teachers, and foes.

As we grow into maturity, everyone in our lives effect our being. Some for the good. Some for the bad. It is amazing how two people raised in the same environment with similar experiences came out differently. Some make wrong choices and follow others. Some people are individuals and learn by example (good or bad.) I personally have learned more how or what not to do or what not to do by behaviors of people. I am not a follower and do something just because someonelse is doning it so it must be the thing to do.

It appears that many people base on their life learnings gain certain levels of traits. Some specific traits are: passive/aggressive, shy/outgoing, conservative/liberal, pessimistic/optomistic, emotional/emotionless, intro-vert/extra-vert, nieve/worldly, witless/witty, unfeeling/romantic, selfish/selfless, sexless/nympho, sad/happy, hateful/friendly, non-committal/decisive, dis-honest/honest.

Depending on genetics and upbringing people fall at various degrees on the scale. Usually, the degree of one scale one trait correlates to the scale on a complementary trait. For example conservative, extra-vert, wordly, witty,and decisive usually have some correlation.

In many ways my personality is dual often ranging at the two extreme ends of the spectrum. Many of my traits I see in my parents behavior. Some learned. Some genetic based. All of these influenced by my choices of what is right and wrong. I see both of my parents in each end.

My parents seamed to be at opposites of the spectrum with many traits. Most children would tend to lean more towards one parent or the other with their traits. However, I don't fit this model. In many cases my perceived personality is at both ends of the spectrum at the same time. Complimentary traits don't necessarilly match in my world.

I feel like Yin and Yang or my personality is an oxymoron, because it doesn't match common-sensically. It's not a bi-polar thing. I don't switch back and forth. I am consistently at both ends of the spectrum about a view. I feel strongly about both sides. One would think I would either be middle of the road or tend towards the parent that is more influential. I found understanding in acceptance in both extremes even though they are opposites.

I am extremely optomistic(father), however, I am conservative or cautious(mother.) I am insatiable, sensual, uninhibited, and almost shameless(mother); yet I am very shy and bashfull(father.)

I have wondered if this fits others?

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