a few quotations about sex that you'll enjoy  

2muchwoman4some 43F
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11/22/2005 5:57 am

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a few quotations about sex that you'll enjoy

The Web brings people together because no matter what kind of a twisted sexual mutant you happen to be, you've got millions of pals out there. Type in 'Find people that have sex with goats that are on fire' and the computer will say, 'Specify type of goat.' ~Rich Jeni

The ability to make love frivolously is the chief characteristic which distinguishes human beings from beasts. ~Heywood Broun

If you suck on his fingers, you'd better not be kidding. ~Cynthia Heimel

If God had intended us not to masturbate, he would have made our arms shorter. ~George Carlin

You must just acknowledge deep in your heart of hearts that people are supposed to fuck. It is our main purpose in life. All those other activities -- playing the trumpet, vacuuming carpets, reading mystery novels, eating chocolate mousse -- are just ways of passing the time until you can fuck again. ~Cynthia Heimel

It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it. ~Mae West

How many of you ever started dating someone because you were too lazy to commit suicide? ~Judy Tenuta

tech99m 57M/57F

11/22/2005 8:33 am

2much..thank you! You made my day and have helped me in some small way make some difficult adjustments that need to be made...I wish that we had more opportunities to chat! Have a lovely day and drop me a line anytime!

imBambi 59M/51F

11/22/2005 8:34 am

Great stuff! Thanks!

rm_seamonkey 50M
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11/25/2005 2:07 pm

"Sex is like pizza, when it's good, it's good, when it's not so good, it's still pretty good." - Rodney Dangerfield

cozy1957 61M

11/25/2005 10:46 pm

Hilarious....it's funny that we take sex so seriously especially considering how much stupid stuff we'll do to get it, or in my case, try and fail to get it.

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

12/4/2005 1:56 pm

enjoyed that
silky hasnt a clue how to make writing bigger and smaller is there somewhere that it shows you here on bloggland

silky xxxxxxxxxxx

RockPebble 70M
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12/15/2005 8:26 am

Sex is like snow, you never know when it will start, how many inches you will get, or how long it will last...

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