Always Beggin for more  

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12/31/2005 9:04 am

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Always Beggin for more

There is something about a Jacuzzi Suite that pretty much solidifies the notion that not only are you about to have sex, but you're about to have really really good sex.

I was waiting for Liquorman in our Jacuzzi Suite. Floating in the hot water, my body awakening from the contant momentum of the jets blasting hot water throughout the tired muscles of my body; he walked into the room. He took of his coat and clothes and stood, at the edge of the tub, bearing his cock. I gladly accepted it into my mouth, and begged him to join me. Water has this wonderful effect during sex. It changes the usual feeling into something different. I'ts almost numbing, but its not, it's almost indiscribable, but it's amazing.

Liquorman joined me in the Jacuzzi. He laid his body across the length of the hot tub and I took advantage of his positioning without a moments hesitation. As I sat myself down, the feeling of his warm, wet, hard cock sliding into my own wetness sent shock-waves through my entire body, I could barely hold myself up on him, my legs were shaking. I stood to leave the tub but no,, he grabbed my shaking legs and lifted his lips to my throbbing clit, and I almost fell over in esctasy.

He released me and allowed me to run the comfort of our bed, where he takes center stage. I wrapped my lips around his cock till I thought it could get no harder, then I begged him to fuck me. Thankfully, I am good at begging. I am always begging him for more.

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