Whoa There!  

2late4love 50M
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6/26/2006 12:04 pm
Whoa There!

I am constantly amazed by the diversity exhibited here in AdultFriendFinder. Browsing through the profiles you can find people enjoying a free, hedonistic single lifestyle, couples who enjoy the swinging lifestyle, and people who look for romance in the shadows of their current relationship. And within these major archtypes you can find every nuance and variation of the theme in between. This broad and open array of lifestyles and choices is what makes AdultFriendFinder so popular and why I enjoy it.

It is also this broad array of choices that can lead to confusion. If I am viewing someone's profile that matches my Cupid settings, I look to see whether that woman is interested in playing with married men. Most of the time the woman will put in her profile she is not interested in married men. Unfortunately, there are some who forget to add this bit of information. It is the testament of the maturity of most AdultFriendFinder members a kind reply is given when I email them. Some members, however, either shoot back a terse "I don't do married men" or worse yet, don't reply back at all.

I know, I know. You ladies a SO popular that you don't possibly have time to respond to the 1000's of suitors that have requested time in your bed. I do understand. So just save all of us some time and clearly spell out what you are looking for. If it isn't a married man (or at least an average looking married man) then put it in your profile!

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