stap-on fantasy....anybody have one?  

2hottyyys6699 45M/50F
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4/2/2005 11:02 am

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8/7/2006 9:37 am

stap-on fantasy....anybody have one?

tell me some strap-on fantasy that you have had. i really love to give it to my boyfriend but i've run out of different scenario's. anybody have any idea's? drop me a line or, come by and show me in person. anybody interested?

mnfun952 103M

4/2/2005 11:46 am

Strap-ons are incredibly sexy....and I'm sure you look great in yours. As for a new scenario... have you ever tried wearing your strap-on under a pair of jeans? Going out in public with your 'cock' in place?

ExcitedSenses 40M

4/2/2005 12:09 pm

I have to say i have never seen a more perfect ass, very sexy!

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4/2/2005 2:30 pm

Perhaps this would work it just came out of my twisted mind. Tell him that you have a
special gift for him make it a big deal wine a candle lit dinner the works. You'll have to
put on the equipment on from the beginning of the evening. Pull the straps tight so it
makes you all wet during the whole encounter. You would have to wear something that
would conceal your weapon that you'd like to unleash on his ass. Refuse to take your
clothes off instead concentrating on getting his clothes off first and go down on him till
he's fully erect. Then start wandering down the shaft to the balls suck on em and work
your way slowly to the target while giving a hand job. If he starts to squirm you might
have to tie his ass up so you can have your way. If he likes it go to it ! Lick kiss caress
that ass give it some TLC. Your about to ravish this guys ass for the first time so make
him feel special. Work your way up from your tongue a finger or two then drop the bomb
on him. Remember to give him a reach around while you pound that ass. No lube but a
lick to the hand will do. After awhile the precum bubbling out of his nuts will be sufficient when
he’s ready to burst. If you would like some practice let me know. I have a stapon that you
could use on me. I’d be willing to try it both ways. I even have a Navy uniform dress
blues or whites you might fit in to give ya some extra punch. Howdy sailor wana do me ?
I love you long time no shit ! LOL

lustmirror 64M
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4/2/2005 2:34 pm

I am consulting with a woman about doing some remodelling to her large woodframe home. She is very attracive, and as we sit at the kitchen table sipping beers and sketching ideas, I have a tendency to be distracted by her cleavage. I'm sure that I have been quick or clever enough to keep from getting caught, but after a few more beers, she calls me on it. She looks me straight in the eyes and begins to reprimand me, and tells me that I am a thief, stealing glances, and that I should be ashamed. I am turning red now, and I apologize. She tells me to apologize on my kness. I look at her quizzically, and she tells me that she means it. "Push your chair back, and kneel down, if you're realy sorry." As I do so, she scoots her chair back and tells me to crawl to her, under the table. Damn this situation, I shouldn't drink and work, and now I'm stuck. I crawl under the table, briefly shielded from her glare. But as I approach her, she slowly parts her knees, and there before me, shimmering is the realization that she is naked under her skirt.
She pulls my ear, which is a thousand degrees now and scolds me again. "You are quite the peeping Tom aren't you? Do you have any idea what it feels like to be oggled like that? How would you feel? Maybe that should be your punishment, what do you think?"
While I'm stammering and trying to get a grip on the situation, she orders me to strip. "You seem to have stolen glances at all of me, time to even things up. Strip!" And heaven help me, I do. After I am completely naked, and before her, my hard on screaming all that I would keep quiet for now, she adds something else.
"Hold stil". She then wraps a dish towel around my head, blinding me. "There...that's better. Now YOU can stand there and I can work you over with my eyes. Maybe I'm staring at your dick, and maybe I'm looking at your ass..but you can't tell. Maybe I'mm just reading my notes here, and you're just there by yourself."
I try to comment but she shushes me. "Come with me, my little pervert." She leads me through the house, and the tells me to stand still. She is right behind me, and is whispering in my ear. " I can tell by your pole that you aren't exactly ready to go, are you? Well, you just stand right here for a while, and we'll even things out, what do you say?" I nod, and then I feel something very cool squirt across my back. She is rubbing my back and squirting oil I think...everywhere. My legs are beginning to quiver a bit, as she bites my ear. "Steady lover, you can do it." She is right behind me, and is rubbing every inch of my body, and then drying her hands off on my cock. I feel cool air on my balls, the air conditioning is blowing, I have goose bumps all over. "How cute...I like that." Then in a firm voice she tells me to stay still. Nothing is happening for quite a few minutes. I am weaving a bit from the alchohol, the unknown situation, and then I feel her warmth behind me again. In my ear, the warm voice, the breathy suggestion..."Are you ready?" and she grabs my dick hard. "Yes" I gasp. "For what?" she taunts. "For you...for this...for whatever..."
"That's a good boy, whaaaaaaatevvvvvvver." She begins rubbing my hips with the oil, and pulling me in a bit of a circle. She leans into me, and there is warmth, and there is cool. Her hands massage my ass, more oil, now she is reaching into the crease, and dragging her fingers through, more oil...her fingers rim my ass, and I tense, and then ease back. "That's it, baby...eaaaaaasy." Further into my ass with her fingers. "Hold your arms out baby" I am standing there, with my arms straight out. She is perched behind me, chin into my shoulder, as she vibrates through my skull. Bigger circles in my ass, and she leans into me. I begin to wobble, and she leans further. I loose my balance and tip forward. I reach out to catch...anything, I am falling, and then my hands hit something cold, flat...a window. "It's okay baby, stay..." and she follows right up onto me and begins to push into me. She is, my god, she is....she's fucking me. She is right up on my shoulder, making tiger sounds, her hand firmly in my stomach. It is the longest span of time I can imagine. "RRRRRR still, that's it. You know you love it..." She grabs my cock, which now wants to leak out the sides. I am not sure I can stay conscious. She grips my shoulders with both hands and begins to move more forcefully. There is some music somewhere, was that on before? My hands are sweating, squeaking on the glass. I have no sense of time, and then she reaches around me like a belt and whispers "Baby? You okay? Can you stand up?" She helps me straighten up again, and then strokes me. "Mmmmmm you are worked up, aren't you? Do you want to cum?"
"oh yesss" I moan. "Well good, 'cause we want to see that." She grabs my hand and pushes it onto my cock. She is stroking me with my cold hand, up and down. "Show meeeeeee" she entices. I begin to jack myself off, as she wraps a leg around mine. She is digging her chin into my shoulder, cheerleading...oh yeah...that's it it for me...she works her fingers into my ass again and I am melting. Heat is rising in the space between my balls and my pecker. My balls are doing summersaults inside. My ears re ringing, her voice is like an echo chamber. Finally I can't hang on. My knees give a quick little buckle and I fall onto her figer. Something snaps and I explode. I am flowing, emptying, the end of my dick is wide open, and my whole being is running out the end of the hose. She wraps her arms around me in a bear hug. 'Oooomph. I gotcha baby. Easy." She leads me back into the kitchen and helps me sit down. She removes the towel, and I see she is completely naked, gleaming in the sunlight, covered in oil, and sporting a huge hard-on. I know what just happened but seeing her standing in front of me with that..thing, and I'm spent. I'm soft like maybe for a week. Yet tingling. A vibrator singing away in my ass.
She sets a beer in front of me, and just stares. "You know, you may be right. This staring thing is pretty good." She takes a healthy swig from the beer and just laughs. Then she kisses me, on the lips, ever so softly for about a minute. "You okay?" Oh yeah...I'm okay. I may not ever be quite the same, but I'm okay. I feel like I just ran ten miles. I put my clothes back on, and she grabs a robe while I do. We finish quickly with the plans and arrange to meet again in a couple of days with bids. We are walking to the front door, and she asks if I have time to look at a neighbors place, the work would be very similar, and the drawing I have would be very handy in initial conversations. I want to say no. I am drained, literally. But I hear myself say "Sure." It occurs to me that this woman is going to take me down the path on this job. I won't be buying any new toys with this paycheck.
The other job is right across the street, so I ring the bell. A woman answers the door, I introduce myself, and she invites me in. She holds the door, and I enter. A few seconds behind me, she follows. We begin light chit chat about the work, and she invites me into the living room. As we talk I notice that there is a wood stright back chair right in front of the picture window, facing out. Odd. As I look closer, I realise that the house I just left is directly across the street. Both house have the drapes pulled wide open, god....on the window across the street are smears...and there...there across the street is my client, in her very short bathrobe wiping off the window with her head cocked to one side. Her strap-on is sticking out. I am felling very flush, when I hear her voice again. Wait...I just left there....the voice comes again..."What do you think Martha?" Martha...that's the woman here...what the..."
"What I've seen of his work so far seems very very agreeable. Thanks for the referal dear."
"Anytime. What are neighbors for?"
I hear a phone hang up.
I don't remember anything else.

rm_swordofzorr0 50M
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4/2/2005 2:59 pm

My strap on fantasy would be to fucking a woman slowly from behind. A woman with fanatastic breasts, like yourself - they look amazing, slides up behind me. She slips a well lubricated strap on in my ass. As I slide my cock in and out of the first woman, I not only feel the strap on slide in and out of me, but I also feel those fantastic breasts slide up and down my back!! Heaven!!

manupforall 60M

4/2/2005 5:30 pm

Boy, do I ever have strapon fantasies.

I love to have a lady do me with a strapon. She should have a dick bigger than mine. When she does I will be her total little slut. I will suck her and she can fuck me anyway she wants.
I love when playing with a couple that we do a few different combinations of normal MFM but then she puts on her strapon and takes control doing things like making us men 69 while she goes back and forth fucking our asses.

I posted another fantasy/story (part of each) in the interest group "Fantasy roleplay" I am sure that you can find which one I am talking about.

What are some of the games you have done?

purejoy4fem 48F/46F
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4/2/2005 5:58 pm

Wow this is hard, usually as soon as one of us has a strap-on fantasy, it becomes a reality.


4/4/2005 3:13 pm


rm_props4us 68M/65F
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4/10/2005 4:29 am

I like to wear little boy's underwear and have the strap on coming out the opening in front. I love to talk filthy in someone's ear while I fuck her from behind. I would love to DP a girl with my hubby in her ass and my strap on in her pussy and her hubby's cock in my mouth!

lustmirror 64M
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4/10/2005 2:37 pm

O homem, eu tenho que concordar com você aí! Acabam de atordoars.

second attempt at posting

lustmirror 64M
2897 posts
4/10/2005 2:44 pm

what a wonderful image...........
and a tip of the hat to props....a very lucky man

2hottyyys6699 45M/50F
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5/20/2005 4:09 pm

hey your comment. i wish you lived closer! maybe if you ever get to dallas we can do exactly what you have described.

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