She's Out There...  

2hard2betrue 43M
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5/17/2006 5:54 pm
She's Out There...

She's out there, I know she is.
When I find her, we will both be whole.
I don't know what she looks like, or where she's from. I don't know if she had a happy childhood, or one filled with sadness, but she's out there.

She'll like the things I like, but not all.
She'll make my skin tingle when I'm near her, like electricity. She'll listen to me speak and understand. She'll capture my attention and not let go. She'll want me all the time.

We'll explore life together in every way possible. We'll do all the things that lovers do. We'll hold hands, and make out in movie theaters.
We'll be kids together, like our lives never happened until then.
We'll forget the world around us when we're together. And when she's asleep, I'll watch over her.

I'll look everywhere for this woman. She'll be seductive and insatiable, sexy and desirable. She'll always want more, and I will gladly give her what she wants, what she needs.

I will give in to every desire my lovers have, so I may find her. I will treat every lover like she is her, because it could be her.

I will do everything in my power to keep her, but I won't be hurt if it is fleeting. Some of the most powerful feelings a person can ever have, last only briefly and I will be happy that I experienced her.

She's out there, and I will find her.
Maybe even here.

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