2hard2betrue 43M
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5/24/2006 1:15 am

I have strong respect for women. I also have a certain level of fear for them. It's amazing the power they hold over me.
The type of woman I respect the most, is the woman that is a sexual being. I think of it as being "sexually enlightened". I didn't know that many women, or girls that were sexually enlightened when I was younger. To me, they were almost a myth. I mean really, who could believe that women liked or even loved sex? I was shocked when I found out they were real. I love them for it.

I had a girlfriend once who freely gave herself to me again and again. I would go to her parents house at night and we'd go down in the basement to watch television or play nintendo (well that dates it a bit I guess). Each night I visited she blew me. It was great. She'd get this look in her eyes as I was in her mouth. I called it fucklust. Her eyes would glaze over and she wouldn't even notice the ring of saliva and my fluids around her mouth. She'd look up at me with that look and then go back to sucking me.
She taught me how to use my hands to make a woman cum. I asked her how she knew where the g-spot was and she laughed and said she wouldn't tell me. I wanted to know that she sat there alone in her room touching herself while thinking of me inside her.
We had sex in every room of her house, and several in mine. Our summer routine consisted of me taking a shower right after my mom left for work. Then I'd pretend to fall asleep naked on my bed. She'd let herself in and sneak upstairs. Her mouth would be on me when I would act like I was just waking up. It was a fun game.

I think back to those days longingly now. She gave me the sense of respect I have for every woman that has chosen to give herself freely to a man.

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