NOT finding what you want in life...  

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6/2/2006 11:19 pm

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NOT finding what you want in life...

I spent most of the evening with my friend Rich. I admire him. He spends his weeks going to different companies telling them how to be successful. It's a stressful job and the only way he as to unwind is the weekends.
He's an intelligent, gentleman that can hold his own in any coversation. For that, I admire him. Yet, his ideal woman, his Geneviere doesn't exist. He wants a woman that admires him for who he is and is there when he comes home from a week of hard work no matter what part of the US, or Canada he happens to be in. He wants someone to make his life complete.
All I can offer his is meeting Tiffany whose friend/boyfriend guard, whatever tried to shove me to the ground. I know that she wanted some attention to make her feel wanted, happy, but the guy got in the way.

It's after 1 am here and I don't care who reads this. The person that needs the injection of life in his veins is at home wondering what went wrong right now. I can only help him as long as he admits and accepts that he needs someone to guide him. I'd like to see him happy, as well as anyone else. I just can't see straight right now..

Update: I'm leaving in the typos - so there!

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