Musings about my account on another meet-'n-fuck site...  

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6/18/2006 10:08 am
Musings about my account on another meet-'n-fuck site...

I wrote about this before. I thought I'd cast a wider net to find my playmate by joining another site along with this one.
The great thing about AdultFriendFinder is the fact that since a lot of us are bloggers, it's obvious that we're real people. Scammers just don't take the time to write like this.

So I thought I'd share some funny shit from the other site I'm on...

I've gotten 12 emails in less than a week. None of them were solicited by me.

Supposedly I've been asked by two couples to be with the woman while the guy watches. Here's the funny thing about this... I have the same profile pic on that site as I do this one. I know it's funny, but the visual is either even funnier or scary.
Ladies... imagine having sex in the missionary position and looking up to see that face starting back at

I've gotten the response
"SUck me baby. Youru'e so hot! "
SpellCheck is a wonderful

Here's one I got yesterday...
"Just looking for someone to practice blow jobs on... No romance, conversation, or other types of interaction for now... Just need someone to practice on and work on my technique."

I live in Illinois, she's supposedly from Indiana. I'm guessing there's men few and far between in Indiana that want blowjobs.

Here's one I got this morning...
"maybe you'd like me

She's 45 and wants fun black guys. I'm thinking she should have read her own profile first...

Last one...
"My current man is boring and no fun at all, so I've been forced to look around for better goods. And right now you're the guy who's caught my eye. Check out my profile and give me a holler if you want to get together for drinks sometime.

I caught her eye??? My pic is me without a shirt and a Jack in the Box head. Does that make you horny baby???

I don't believe any of the emails I've gotten off that site are legit, but the humor factor alone might be worth the price of admission!

Trust me, there's more stupid stuff to follow...

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