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5/28/2006 12:26 am

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About Last Night...

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I had my first experience with someone I met from AdultFriendFinder last night (my neighbor doesn't count, I've only helped her clean out her fish tank and I do mean that literally). Everything significant that has happened to me, or I've done this year has been new to me, so I was nervous in meeting her.
My initial impression of her before I met her face to face was that she was a free spirit that knew what she wanted and went after it (an admirable trait). When I met her in person, she came across as a fun, intelligent free spirit that was easy to talk to and very easy on the eyes (even better looking in person than the pic she sent me). I thought I was out of my league. We went to the bar and had a few drinks while talking about things we knew we had in common - including AdultFriendFinder. I literally wanted to bend her over a bar stool, but I refrained from making a scene (I think that would only work in a porno).
We left to meet at my apartment. She kissed me in the parking lot (which made me much more comfortable about the thoughts I had of what I wanted to do to her).
My place-
A couple drinks, some smalltalk and then she attacked me (guys love being attacked - it's a huge turn-on).
Mmm... her breasts. I knew her breasts were sensitive and it turned her on to pay attention to them so I was more than happy to oblige. Licking, sucking, pinching, I just loved to hear her moan. Plus it probably helped that I was lookin' for the g-spot with my finger too.

A note about blowjobs - I love getting blowjobs. The thought of cumming in a woman's mouth excites me. When a woman is sucking my cock, I want to watch it disappear inside that warm mouth... anyway, she has impressive skills.
I came in her mouth in the living room. I came in her mouth in the bedroom. A little dirty talk was said by all. We had sex in various positions (all good too). I even took a few pics of her naked on my bed (she looked great too).
Afterwards we hung out and chatted awhile before she left.

The bottom line -
I enjoyed her, I enjoyed the conversations we had. She's someone I would have been attracted to even if there wasn't a promise of lots of sex.
Don't know yet if I'll see her again (I'd love to), but I do still have that video camera that has a blank tape... lights, camera, action?

rm_zahuma2 51M
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5/28/2006 2:03 am

Good show .....
You must see her again & this time don't forget to buy her a good present.
That would strengthen the friendship.

Best Wishes

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