What The Hell Did I Do???  

2daycowboywanted 46F
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7/6/2006 7:56 am

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What The Hell Did I Do???

To give you some background - I have a best friend. Have known her since high school, trust me it is a long time, lol. We have shared everything together - even had a hook up between the two of us. Needless to say, we know each other really well and there isnt anything that the other one wouldnt do for the other one. I was there for her wedding - maid of honor - and during the birth of her first child. There isnt a part on that woman that I dont know.

Anyhow - I have been friends with her husband as well. He is aware that we hooked up in the past and it did cause some problems but when he got the major idea that I wasnt walking out of her life just because he didnt like me - he loosened up and realized that it was great for her to have a close friend.

Over the past weekend, July 4th, we all had a get together as well as other friends. There was probably 50 people in all at their house. Yes, there was drinking most of the day, but no one got sloshed until dark. There were no kids involved during the party all adults. There was bar-b-que, swimming, volley ball and football. The guys told jokes and the girls gossiped about you name it. All was good. Towards the end of the night, when things got quiet, I was helping my girlfriend pick up. Her husband has disappeared inside and no where to be found. We got to talking about the "old times" and started laughing and carrying on and her husband comes out. Asks what is going on and we replied we were talking about old times. He decides that we should share details with him. I for one was not too fond of the idea since he seems to get a tad upset about the two of us, didnt think it was a good idea.

Things went from talking, to giggling, to him daring us the two of us to kiss. No harm done. Then he dared us to take our tops off and touch each other. Now mind you - drinking had been going on all day and I am not the kind of person who shrinks from a dare - and her knowing that - we decided to go a step further. My friend took me by the hand and walked us into the living room. Winked at me, and proceeded to undress me slowly. Getting the hint - and knowing she was giving him a show - I joined in. Undressing her slowly, kissing her, touching her and watching him watch us. My girlfriend and I completely went at it. At one point she asked him to join in - which I didnt think that he really would since he seem to be having such a great time watching us.

Things got heated between the three of us. Sex was defintely in the room. I noticed that he was getting really ready for some action, and assuming that he was going to have sex with his wife I sort of backed out of the situation. I turned my attention to her - getting her ready for him and then out of no where I was getting fucked by him. I was shocked at first - but then really got into it. I will be honest - it has been quite a while since I had been in bed with a man who was really good like that and I did enjoy myself totally and completely.

I woke up the next morning on the floor in between the two of them. I got up and went to take a shower when I came out and got ready to leave I noticed that my friend was incredibly cold towards me. She wouldnt even look at me much less speak to me. I asked her husband what was wrong and he told me - he would "catch" me later. I said my goodbyes and was glad to get the hell out of there. I made it to the car and he caught me outside - and told me that I was the best fuck ever. I didnt quite know how to take that. I was a bit offened that I was a "fuck" but then again - who cares I had a great time.

My friend calls me later and tells me to stay the hell away from her and her husband. Seems that he told her that I knew how to "fuck" better than her, knew how to give a blow job better than her, and knew how to please a man way better than she ever thought of. After "I finished fucking the life out of her husband, he didnt even fuck her" - her words exactly.

Now my question - WHAT THE HELL DID I DO???

Until later XOXOX

Roper - lets just say - you like women and leave it at that. Nothing wrong with it at all. Too bad you live so far away.

Bullman - you completely made me giggle. Still raining???

moonlightphoenix 46F
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7/6/2006 9:12 am

You made the mistake of fulfilling a fantasy without clearing the ground rules upfront. And of doing it with apparently the stupidest male on the face of the planet.

That just sucks. Hopefully she'll get over it, but I wouldn't count on it.

roper_6969 56M

7/6/2006 11:00 am

Things like that sound fun at first. But hurt feelings almost always come after. Especially after the prick thru you up in her face. I agree with moonlight, ground rules should have been in place. A guy that I grew up with, my best friend for 17 years, and his wife begged me for a 3-some. I asked him why in the fuck he would want to do that and he said he would do anything to make her happy. I relented, against my better judgement, made her cum all over herself, and he and I haven't spoken in about 20 years. So, sometimes even groundrules don't help.

As far as it being too bad we live so far apart. Well, that thought has crossed my mind several times darlin.


Supervy_Sage 52M

7/8/2006 12:57 am

Is it possible that your friend's husband was looking for a reason to break your relationship, and did all this to that end? Why else would he tell your friend that you were a better "fuck" then she? Or is it possible that she thinks you had more fun with her husband then her?

I think that if you value the relationship with you, that you should try and explain that you had no intention of fucking him at all when you showed up that day. You had no intention when you were warming her up. If she will not accept your apology now, give her time to think on it.

Not being a expert on 3-somes (never been in one) I would think that the one that you care about most should get 80% of the attention from you.

This is probably meaningless to you, but I don't think you did anything wrong other then make that decision while drunk. You probably would have never done that sober, right?

The Super Pervy Sage

rm_takmot 67M
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7/11/2006 10:21 am

Been there, done that, happens everytime.

Lust and envy never mix.

You need a lot of talking before hand to make sure everyone is going to be cool with the new arrangement. Believe me its always a NEW arrangement, weither its MFM or FMF there is always someone that gets the wrong impression.Don't be suprised when your friends' hubby calls with the idea that you are "available" to him. It happens the other way as well. The odd out woman sometimes gets hung up on the man or even the woman. Friendships suffer and marriages break up. Even in no fault incidences as your story, someone always gets hurt.

Always looking for new friends , new adventures and of course more fun.
Tom Kat

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