The Joining of Our Body and Hearts  

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8/29/2006 8:49 am

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The Joining of Our Body and Hearts

I remember waiting until you got off. I wanted to see you. Needing to see you. I would wait until you got back to leave. I was excited yet nervous at the same time. I had spoken to you on the phone and I had told you that I would not go anywhere until you got back.

You arrived. I was excited to see you, yet nervous at the same time. I think you were glad to see me as well. I dont think either one of us had made up our mind what we were going to do that day, we just were glad to see each other.

We left the office and went riding around in your vehicle. You went inside the store and grabbed a couple of beers to drink while we went riding around. I was so nervous, I think I drank the first beer in record time trying to calm my nerves. It must of worked because by the time the second one came around I dont remember it tasting near as bad. We laughed and joked and listened to the radio. I didnt care where we were going just as long as I was with you. We sat outside on the hood of the truck talking about life and what it had in store for us or what we thought might happen. The mosquitoes started biting me and we climbed back into the truck.

I think neither one of us really wanted to go and you could sense that about me. You leaned over to the passenger seat and kissed me. Fireworks went off - not the short, small, sparkly ones but the gaint, heart pounding ones. The ones that come from your gut when you know things are right. The kiss was soft and gentle, just as you are. The burning sensation I had in my stomach wasnt from the beer, it was from the emotions that you caused in me. I knew that we should probably stop but kissing you felt right. It felt wonderful and honestly, to hell with what might be going on in the world right now - this and you is what I wanted.

The kisses got stronger and more demanding. My hands were on your face and in your hair. I was needing so much more and you were gentle. Trying not to rush things or make me feel awkard. I needed this - and to hell with what the world thought. I watched your hands as you slowly unbuttoned each one of my buttons on my dress. First revealing my white lace bra and then slowly revealing my stomach and then my white satin panties. Your lips followed your hands and before I could think clearly you climbed over into the passenger seat with me. I followed your lead and unbuttoned your shirt revealing your white t-shirt. I can feel your hardness pressing into me as you are kissing me. The seat leans back and the length of your body is pressing into me. You are kissing my breasts and your rough hands are wandering all over my body. You raise up and take your t-shirt off. The contact of our bodies skin on skin is enough to make us both gasp. The urgency of needing you is rising in me. You lower yourself into the floor board and place kisses along my stomach and my hips. I can sense what you are going to do and my body reacts before my brain can think. Your mouth is on my pussy breathing warm air and placing kisses along the inside of my thigh. I still have on my satin white panties. You are working your magic on me, through them. My hips are rising up and down out of the seat and when I think I can stand it no longer you move the center of my panties over to one side. You slide your tongue up and down my wet pussy. You begin to work your majic on me and my body reacts all on its own. As if we were made just for each other. You slide my panties off and rise up and kiss me. You press your body into mine and my hips rise up to match yours. You remove your belt and kiss me. I am too far gone, I have to have you. You unbutton and unzip your pants and lower them around your ankles. We lock our lips together in a meaningful kiss and you slowly slide your body into mine. The feeling of having you enter my body is wracking. Every emotions that you can think of comes flooding in. The movements of your hips and mine match stroke for stroke. My nails are clawing into your back. I have honestly never felt anything like this before. The world is slowing starting to come to a stop and the burning inside of me is rising. The slow torture that you are doing to my body is starting to speed up. The moist sliding in and out is speeding up. The kisses are hot and demanding yet you are as tender as you can be. My nails are leaving marks on your back. There is no turning back - we have to finish. The release is touchable. One last smooth wet stroke and you cum. There is no thinking to stop or to hold on. Your cum is released in me. The world slowly starts to spin again and I can hear your heart beating with mine.

You climb into the drivers seat and pull your pants up. I am buttoning my dress and pulling on my panties. I lean over the seat and kiss you. You pull me into your lap while whispering my name.

These are the things that I remember clearly about our first joining of body and hearts.

fullysatisfyu 42M
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8/29/2006 9:33 am

Once again, WOW!

rm_sturgeon1964 53M
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8/29/2006 10:34 am

man now i am sure i want to go to texas you rock Richie

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8/29/2006 8:54 pm

wasquic69 74M

8/30/2006 6:41 am

Know what you mean 2day, got my boot on, got my Stetson on and was born in Texas, wish I were there right now!YEEEEE!!! HAAAAWWWW! - ride 'em cowboy. Nice piece(double meaning intended)Check out my new post.

Luv Ya

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