Please, SHUT UP!!!  

2daycowboywanted 46F
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9/12/2006 8:54 am

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9/18/2006 11:24 am

Please, SHUT UP!!!

Have you ever had that sexual partner that you really wanted to scream shut the hell up to? The kind of person that could talk you to death and pick apart everything that you say and twist it so much that you really arent sure what you even said to begin with?! The one who said that you were totally great in bed just a few seconds ago and now you want nothing to do with them other than choke the heck out of them and make them be quiet. You know the person, dont you - see you are smiling in spite of yourself!!

We all have seen them and try and run when they come around. I have this friend, who is totally great outside of the bedroom, but get him naked and he totally questions everything. Is he too big, too small, too large, too skinny, too tall, too thin, too short and the list could go on for days. By the time you actually get the dude in bed you are wondering what in the hell were you thinking. The sex is awesome and I could scream for days, but instead right after he is drilling me - was it too fast, too slow, did I do this right, did I do that right, was I too rough, was I too gentle. The questions make you want to run out of the room screaming - GO AWAY!!!

I brought this to a girlfriends attention and she giggled - turns out he does the same thing to her. Why in the world would you want to question someone to death? If I am moaning and groaning and I am wet - isnt that good enough to realize that what you are doing is working?!? Why push the envelope and question me to death when I have just had one amazing orgasm!!

So - please do tell, men - why in the world would you want to question someone to death over if the experience was too great, too slow, too fast, too rough - and so on??? I am really wondering - because after a couple of times with him, no matter how mind blowing the sex might of been, it ISNT going to happen again. He questioned himself right out of my bed and house.

Until later

shaper007 52M

9/12/2006 11:02 am

Sounds like he has a complex about himself !!!

KMA5 41M
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9/12/2006 11:47 am

he actually asked those type of questions afterwards? wow
I would have been inside raiding your fridge, fast asleep or trying to get another cum out of you (not necessarily in that order)

itsallfun1957 60M

9/12/2006 2:05 pm

One could argue that the first time was to improve his technique with you, as far as maximal pleasure for the next time. If it is a continual thing, then maybe it's a confidence thing. Sounds sort of needy to me (on his part) if it has happened more than once. My two cents.>>>iaf1957

dandy6912000 62M/60F
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9/12/2006 2:28 pm

Well, really don't know why he is asking , but if your all sweaty, moan loud enough to wake the nieghbors, no need to ask anything if your smiling aferwards.

Raveheart2005 51M

9/12/2006 2:46 pm

2day babe no offense , and I am not all talk or a love doctor , but if his bedside manner matched his performance to where he thought he could even talk to you and you be coherent ...ummm 2 day email Me I think you need a new lover babe should have been so worn out and drained of all energy and cum that you had to lie in a fetal position and when he took a thumb and ran it down your spine all you could do was shiver because you ha nothing left to give or take.... if you haven't been there try it get someone to take you there safely even if it takes 2 days...because after you recharge from it you will have a new meaning of will be wearing a 2day glow on your face not that ......hope you experience it just once at least....Rave

florallei 100F

9/12/2006 4:08 pm

WOW, that would be like some women who is constantly wanting affirmation for all the things she does to her partner...too bad!

BTW, thanks for poppin' over to my blog...didn't mean to upset anyone.


toothysmile 51M
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9/13/2006 1:11 am

umm, i'm usually rather quiet... but rather expressive too.

rm_Fun4u2937 47M
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9/13/2006 6:26 am


You say that I complicate things It obvious. He knows how most woman can give the apperance that things are going well, only to say later that it was a fake. What he wants to know is how can he tell if its a fake or not.
The fact that he can ask that many questions and STILL can get you in the sack speaks volumes to his skillz in the bed Maybe you need to tell him what he REALLY wants to hear? You must be a super hottie or something, cuz i think he's having a hard time believing that he's actaully where ALOT of other men wish they could be. Just my two cents.....

Until later

kyplowboy22 62M

9/13/2006 1:07 pm

Mostly been my experience women will tell you what they want without you askin' about it. I can only think of one pertinant question that I would prolly ask. "Wanna go again???"


multitasksextoy 60M  
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9/14/2006 6:01 am

Thiers a time for talking,a time for action and a time for quiet reflection. Later 2day

nightis 54M

9/18/2006 9:57 am

There is a difference between women on AdultFriendFinder and women that are not totally in tune with their sensuality and sexuality. Communication about such matters can be a trick for them. You are a new experience and wants to know the score. If it doesn't slow to a ripple soon however, there may be more problems to come.

Good luck and keep having a great time!

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