Mind Blowing Sex  

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8/22/2006 8:33 am

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Mind Blowing Sex

Everyone wants is. Everyone needs it. Everyone wants to experience it and once you have you cant seem to get enough.

What makes people claim that they can give you the best mind blowing sex possible? What is it that drives us to out do another person or another experience that we have encountered?

For each one of us mind blowing sex has different responses. For me - mind blowing sex is a mixture of friendship, trust and communication. Did I always have mind blowing sex - HELL NO!! It developed over time and patience. It developed over learning someone elses body and mind as well as I know my own.

I watched a movie the other day. Yes, I am behind in the times and yes the movie itself really did happen to suck but the movie started out with her driving a car around incredibly fast and her boyfriend, friend, lover - hell I dont know what he was, a guy was in the seat next to her all drugged out. She was speeding along and reached over grabbed the guys hand, stuck one of his fingers in her mouth and placed his hand down in her lap. Now of course I didnt actually see what was going on but you got the whole idea. The faster the car went the faster she shoved his finger in her.

There was also another scene where the guy flips his partner over on all fours, wraps his hand in her hair, jerks her head back pulling her hair making her moan out and he starts fucking her fast and furious.

There are all sort of things that can cause mind blowing sex. So, the question for today is what causes mind blowing sex for you???

As for me, well, I happen to like things a little bit rough. No smacking or hitting, but a little bit rougher than the normal lovemaking, I suppose one could say, and dirty talk - well lets just say if that happens you will become totally wet!

Until tomorrow

bikercouple62 56M/57F

8/22/2006 9:47 am

UNPREDICTABILITY, something that your not expecting that just blows your mind, something you always wanted to do but were afraid to ask!

TnWitchyWoman 57F
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8/22/2006 10:05 am

I always give a smile and keep right on moving along when someone here tells me they can give me the "best sex you've ever had" and they don't even know me. See, I've had that mind blowing sex and anyone that makes that promise under those circumstances doesn't have a clue what it is...or even how to get there.

You're right in that it's something that develops over time. The first time Dave and I had sex I won't lie...it was good, but definitely not mind blowing. The first time had those "uncomfortable moments" where they see you and you them and you both wonder...will they run? *weak laugh* And then you make "bumbles" where you might do something that really doesn't do a thing for the other person (and if you're lucky it doesn't downright turn them off)...and you make a mental note. And then you find those places that get the responses you want to hear...and you take more notes. Eventually you learn your partner and can "play" them like a fine tuned instrument (and PLEASE don't play the same tune over and over again, there's all types of music out there...EXPLORE!). And if you're lucky...you have a partner that does so in return. Throw in the emotions that goes along with the physical, give parts of yourself you've never shared with another...maybe didn't even knew they laid deep within your own self...and that's when that mind blowing connection is made.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think I've ever had sex I didn't at least *like* and *most* sessions are pretty intense, but even if I did the exact same thing to Jeff that I did to Dave it wouldn't...hasn't...couldn't...have the same results. We all like different things, we all communicate at a different level, and something VERY special happens with some partners sometime. I could only describe it with Dave as a "spiritual exchange". It was more than physical, it was more than mental, and it's something one can't put into words nor can anyone else understand unless they've been there themselves. Even though I know my "skills" and they have not left me with Dave's passing I still may never have that mind blowing sex again because I might not have the same (or like the same because no one will be the same) mental connection to be on that level.


shaper007 52M

8/22/2006 10:40 am

Hmmm, good to know what you like babes!!

The more I the more I know how to please

rm_9inch9it 55M
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8/22/2006 1:37 pm

Well Lori (I will call you so, assuming that is your real name for now), you write well and you have nicely expressed something that I have had the fortune to experience just as you described it.

As a man, our society calls us to "performance". We are supposed to have it hard all the times, to be always "up to the task", to have it long and lasting, to be like marines always ready for action. In reality we are just humans, with our weakenesses, and at times it happens that we are not at our best. Heck, I am 44 and I assure you it has happened sometimes! Well, the mind blowing sex happens with the same person you can completely be a failure with and not worry about! Because it is a matter of trust, of being able to completely open yourself to that other person, to give it up, forget about the world around, concentrate only on oneself, on the pleasing and being pleased, and when the 'being pleased' arrives, being able to enjoy it to the fullest, to scream it out loud, to not have to worry about "what is he/she going to think if I...?" I had no idea I could scream during an orgasm. With her, I sometimes makes so much noise when I come, I lose my voice. She had no idea she was multiorgasmic. With me, she has had up to 20 orgasms in 3 hours, and got to the point of having to ask me to stop because it had become too sensitive.

This has never happened to me with anybody else. Sure I have had nice sex with many other women. Once I had to 'discover' that my partnet would come only when taken in the ass (she would not tell me...the trust, again). But it is never as it is with HER, never. With all the other women it is an empty exercise of pleasure. It satisfies my (our) instincts and calms our hormons. It is a pleasant and sometimes even memorable experience. Sometimes it is an oweful experience as well. I once found myself with a supposedly gorgeous woman, who turned out to be completely flat - she had no breasts at all. And I don't mean that they were little. She just wasn't developed. It felt like I was having sex with a man, and I was so turned off, it was oweful! Luckily that is not the norm, hopefully for most of us. Most of the times we have a nice pleasant expeirence, we please each other to a certain extent, and we move on. There are couples that live this way all their life. SHE and I were fortunate, because we had a chance to know what mindblowing sex can be like, because our bodies seem made for each other like the pieces of a puzzle, because everything I do pleases her, and everything she does pleases me. Because with her I feel so incredibly comfortable that I can truly be myself and give the best of myself and give myself completely away, knowing that I can trust that 'nothing will be used against me'. And the same goes for her.

BTW, she likes it rough too. She actually likes some butt spanking when I pull her hair attacking her from the back. We have several preferred positions. The one just described is my preferred one, but sometimes that hurts her because I can penetrate her more deeply, and that can be painful at times. She prefers the one where I am down, kind of seating up against the headboard, she sits on me, we hug and....the rest is obvious

I think I've talked too much for this time....

Till the next...


fullysatisfyu 43M
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8/22/2006 8:56 pm

I have got to say these are the best responses I have seen in some time! Kudos to Lori and 2Day!! I am wondering while we are at it, are there any "dirty" words that you find to be a turn off? I have heard of women that have a hang up with a certain word and the mood is killed instantly if uttered. How can us poor, stupid, men avoid killing the moment? I guess this all goes back to the trust and experience with your partner bit.

TnWitchyWoman 57F
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8/23/2006 5:54 am

    Quoting fullysatisfyu:
    I have got to say these are the best responses I have seen in some time! Kudos to Lori and 2Day!! I am wondering while we are at it, are there any "dirty" words that you find to be a turn off? I have heard of women that have a hang up with a certain word and the mood is killed instantly if uttered. How can us poor, stupid, men avoid killing the moment? I guess this all goes back to the trust and experience with your partner bit.
I *like* dirty talk, but you're right...you have to know your partner because some women don't. And yes, that ONE word...I don't know why it goes right up my spine but it does. You can call me ANYTHING but a cunt. It just sounds so mean for something so warm and inviting. And it's all in the way you say dirty talk.

I remember one time Dave told me "My wife is such a wonderful slut just for me." Now that made me melt. First he recognized me as his wife whether the law did or not. Second he recognized that I enjoyed sex to the point of being NASTY but that it was special because it was with HIM. That I wasn't a slut for just anyone that came along.

Thanks for the kudos.

dandy6912000 62M/60F
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8/23/2006 7:56 am

We think it is based on sharing enough information about what turns you on and what not. Sometimes it something we havn't done, or the differents of responese to an orgasm that does it for us. To each his or her own and to show them that you are going to try your best to achieve a mind blowing orgasm is the result.

SweetSteve1986 32M

8/23/2006 8:45 am

I hope u actually read these responses 2daycowboywanted, else I’m just wasting my time?

Anyway, I wanted to come make some stupid comment about ur blog as u did on mine…just joking but nonetheless, I wanted to see what u were doing, and I must say, RESPECT, ur good!
I read a few of ur posts, and their good, esp the blowjob one and the following.
I’ll be waiting for the next erotic post in anticipation

Until later

multitasksextoy 60M  
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8/23/2006 12:24 pm

Anything unexpected usually can lead to mind blowing sex,just doing something different out of the blue.

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