Friday - Thank Goodness!!  

2daycowboywanted 46F
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6/2/2006 9:21 am
Friday - Thank Goodness!!

Today is Friday and the weekend is near. Not planning on anything exciting, although wouldnt turn it down if it came my way.

New one called yesterday looking for a piece of ass. Still dont have the heart to tell him - thanks but no thanks. I shall have to come up with an excuse because lame sex really isnt what I am looking for. Although, it is better than none!!

Looking for a person to share my wildest thoughts with - so far I think I have scared off most people - lol.

One guy I keep chatting with - I think he likes the idea of being with me. Although he tends to be way more experienced than me. He said he would teach me the ropes. Personally - he scares the hell out of me - lol.

Anyhow - have a wonderful weekend - and great playing time.

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