What if *Just Playing* turns *Serious*?  

2TemptingInTahoe 53M/55F
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9/27/2005 1:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What if *Just Playing* turns *Serious*?

WHo would have EVER thought... You could find TRUE LOVE here at a site like this??? I mean cum on, I came here for one reason ...SEX SEX SEX SEX AND A LOT MORE SEX! I hit my sexual prime and thought I'd loose my mind! But AdultFriendFinder's many guys in my area THAT DID SHOW UP! Kept me sain! And I thank YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!
Then... along comes the man of my dreams, he winks at me first, thinking I'm a couple,(can not go to single unless I start all over with a new nic, I AINT LOOSING MY NIC!) Well, now I dont care as I will soon be turning off my AdultFriendFinder account for good!
Here at AdultFriendFinder I found loosers who stand women up, men who only show up to get head and split, married men who have beautiful wives and yet can not get enough at home...EVER! hehehe
Here I have met men that WORSHIP womens bodies, men who last for HOURS and HOURS and dont stop till your wlaking funny! Men who can and DO go down on you till you think you'll loose your EXSTACY filled mind! (I think the record was that 2 hours from goofy1 my first month here) Men who know MORE about my G-spot and squirting then I EVER KNEW! but then......I MET THEE MAN!
As i said, he winked at me thinking I was a couple with a HOT WOMAN. lmao Well he was half right! hehehee And now? He MADE ME HALF OF A COUPLE! But as we are both FALLING HARD AND QUICKLY INTO LOVES GRIP! We are both leaving AdultFriendFinder.
He is EVERYTHING I ever dreamt of and even more I dared not...And to think, I met him HERE!! Soooo... If there are those still here who fancy meeting their one and only here? I take back everything I said about being an idiot to look for love here! Or maybe I don't, see... I WAS NOT LOOKING FOR IT! BUT IT FOUND ME!

Good luck and thank you all for your late night chats, your middle of the night drives up to Tahoe, your sexy letters and sweet and erotic attention... My wishes for you all is HAPPINESS! What ever HAPPINESS is to each of you!

MMUUAAHH! ! ! ! (I wont be turning off my Profile till those I DID meet all write me a testimonial, it's for my keep sake box, ya know where my high school love letters ect. are kept!)

~Angel aka 2temptingintahoe

rm_eos_ 107F
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9/27/2005 2:44 am

Just FYI: as far as I know you can contact the Customer Service Department for a change in 'gender' of a profile

and MANY congratulations for the both of you, hope this will go well

Angel21 39F

9/27/2005 5:10 am

I am so HAPPY for you!!!

rm_Kundalini58 60M

9/28/2005 12:06 am

I am very happy for you, my dear. I will always hold a sweet memory of you. Ciao and keep singing.

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