How to Interest Women and Couples!?!  

2BallsofFun 53M
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9/4/2005 2:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How to Interest Women and Couples!?!

***With a bit of sarcasm***

Having spent a fair bit of time exploring this site and setting up my profile, I'm now wondering what the chances of a guy like me are to hook up and what I might do to improve those chances.

***(Thinking) As I check my watch, it's been over 8 hours since I finished my profile and none of those horny women or couples have emailed me yet.***
This does seem to be a website that is preoccupied with sex. It seems to be the common thing that most of us want here, whether male, female or couple.

***(Thinking) Perhaps I've done something wrong with my profile, so I review it again and make a few changes and wait another day.***

The next day I check again and find that my profile has been examined by one couple and one TV/TS. The TV/TS might be interesting, but he's not what I'm looking for. So I go browsing a few groups and make a couple posts.

***(Thinking) Ok, so maybe this is all going to take some time. But I'm quite sure that many men think that the response will be almost immediate...and many of them never wise up and end up thinking that this site is bogus. On the other hand, I've had good success via yahoo groups before all the adult groups were hidden...I know better.***

A couple more days pass and there is little or no interest by others in replying. So I find more threads of interest(in the group sex realm) and make some more posts. This time there is some interest. So I post an intention to meet up at a set location at a set time this weekend.

One person states that he'll be there and when the time finally comes, sure enough he and I are there hoping that a couple or woman might show up. To pass the time we begin talking of a variety of things and discover that we enjoy each other's company.

The more we talk, the more we have to talk about and before long we're talking about sex, this website and how we hope to score together as a team.

We figure it out that there are millions of guys trying to hook up just like we are and that we have little to offer that isn't already being offered many times daily. Thus we come to a logical conclusion that 2 men have something to offer the ladies that the millions of other single guys don't have...2 cocks and 4 balls...not only that, but if we can gather a couple more like minded men, then we'll have a crew...something that is rare at this site. Then we'll have something of true interest to offer the ladies and couples.

We think it will improve our individual chances considerably. What do you think?


DreamSeeker909 60F

9/14/2005 11:34 pm

I'm interested!

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