Part Three....  

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1/18/2006 11:47 pm

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Part Three....

I could only stare into the emerald pools of her eyes and wonder how deep they really go. I raised my arms to hold her, but she stepped back away from me. Still smiling at me, she reached out and took me by the hand. Walking backwards, she led me into to the water. It was cool and refreshing as I slowly sank deeper into the water.
When I had gotten to point that the water began to lap over my bare chest, she released my hand. She turned slowly in the water and drifted to the far bank. She slowly rose from the water, stepping lightly on the rocks on the bank. I could not help but marvel at the firm roundness of her ass as she climbed onto the rocks. I could feel my blood begin to warm in my veins. She turned her head to peer at me over her shoulder. I asked "Who are you, and where did you come from?". As She turned to face me, I was awed by her sensuous form. The soft curves of her body. The warm glow of her skin under the pale wetness of her dress, as it wrapped itself tightly to her flesh. She smiled warmly at me and said "I am all that you have wished for, and all you will ever need." "And as for to whence I've matters not, only that I am here now." Her voice was as soft as down, and dripped of honey.
She slowly lowered her dress form her shoulders and let it fall to her waist. Her breast where full and round, and the nipples were dark and firm. She raised her and and with an extended finger, beckoned me to follow her. I lounged across the pool. Trying to cover the distance to her as quickly as possible. By the time that I was pulling myself out of the water, she had stepped into the tall pines on the bank.
My pants had become very tight in the crouch and I could feel my hardness pressing into me. I scrambled up the bank and into the trees. I rose to my full height and I saw that a small fire was burning in a ring of stones in an open area among the trees. Near by stood this goddess of the wood. Free of her dress, she stood by a bed of pine needles, now covered by her clothing. I walked toward her kicking off my boots, and pulling off my pants. She giggled at my fumbling as I came closer to her. I reached up and cupped her head in one hand, and slid the other around her waist. Her arms fell around my neck as I pulled to me. I kissed her deeply and drank her in. With my hand on the small of her back, I turned and lowered her on to the bed. She let out a long sigh as I lowered myself onto her. Her skin was as smooth as silk, and was warm to the touch. I was like a starving man, trying to devour her. I ran my lips and tongue over her neck and stole bites of her. She moaned softly in my ear as she ran her hands up and down my back. I ran my tongue down between her breast and sucked hard on the flesh there. I moved my tongue form nipple to nipple, taking them into my mouth and sucking on them. I would lightly clench them between my teeth and pull my head back. She would moan and raise her chest to meet me. I would flick my tongue around around the hard, wet nipples, and suck air in to cool them. She would moan louder each time. She began to pump her knees up and down, alternately, sliding her heels on the ground. Her hips started to gyrate slowly as I slide farther down her body. She held my head in her hands, as I kissed her hips and ran my tongue around her navel. I continued down until I was between her legs, and wrapped her thighs around my neck.
I parted the folds of her with my tongue and felt her stomach tighten under my hands. I ran hands up and down her body, grabbing and kneading her breast as I pushed my tongue deeper into her. I could not believe the incredible taste and smell of her. It was like milk and honey, as I rolled my tongue around and in her. I flicked my tongue on the swollen flesh within.
I couldn't get enough of her. Her body stiffened and began to convulse as her thighs tightened on my head. I heard a muffled squeak come from her as her body began to relax.
I looked up at her and saw a lopsided smirk on her face as fire flew out of her eyes. She grabbed me by the ears and pulled me up her. She kissed me hard, pulling my tongue into her mouth. Her legs wrapped around my waist as she held me in place. The head of my cock pressed against the lips of her pussy. Her wetness allowed me to slide it up and down her slit, teasing her clit with the head. I pinned her hands above her head, and slowly entered her. With full steady strokes, I pumped in and out. Her head rolled from side to side as the pace of her hips gyrations increased. She kissed my entire face and moaned softly as this continued.
Finally, she grabbed me and rolled me on to my back. With her on top, she reached between us and guided my rock hard cock back into her. As she slide down further on me she raised to a full sitting position. She rolled her head back, putting her hands on my chest, and began to grind into me. I could reach up and fondle her breast with ease, pinching and pulling on the nipples. I soon was pumping my hips up and down, holding her by her hips, as she rocked faster on my cock. Her hair fell onto my chest as she pitched forward over me. Her back arching toward the sky, as she clutched my chest, and started to moan loudly into my neck. I grabbed her by the ass and pumped harder. I could feel the pressure building in me as her body stiffened. Her body began to shake as I felt the juices in me begin to explode. I wrapped my arms round her as the fireworks in my head began. She let out a loud deep moan that was matched with a moan of my own.
Our bodies were slick with sweat as we lay in each others arms. We rolled on to our sides, with her head on my chest, as I kissed her forehead. we lay there relishing the tingling coursing through our body's. I slowly drifted into sleep as I caressed her hair and ran my fingers lightly over her back.
When I awoke the sun was setting deep into the west, and the first stars were beginning to shine. I sat up and found my clothes scattered about the clearing. There was no sign of my goddess anywhere. There was a ring of stones, but no fire. I rose and quickly dressed. My head was swimming, and I could feel a large knot on the side of my head. Wonder-boy came into the clearing and stood waiting on me. Could it have been a dream. I can only say that I had the greatest sense of oneness with all the world. I had never felt this kind of peace before. I took Wonder by his lead and decided that we would walk the rest of the way home. I would not go charging around again. But instead, take my time so as to not miss a thing ever again.

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1/19/2006 3:52 am

lovely visions, Dear exciting such an encounter would be. Seems the goal wold be to find a way to make it happen.....T.

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1/19/2006 7:31 pm

This comment has nothing to do with your post

I saw your comment you left on GOTD post...You need to hop around the blogs, leave comments on others let them know you are around.

If I was into reading erotic storied I would visit you but that's not my cup of tea.

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