26 Things women do wrong during sex!  

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8/7/2006 6:07 pm

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26 Things women do wrong during sex!

1. Kissing for dummies-
Ok, men like kissing too. But unless we are your serious boyfriend, or hubby, save the deep passionate kisses for somebody you really love. Just makes us wonder how many other guys you kiss like that! Also, more tongue is not always better.

2. Don't bite!-
Ok, while you are kissing, you might have the urge to go down our neck or our ears. I personally love a woman kissing my ears, but for heavens' sake, don't bite them! ouch! Hickeys are not a big turn on either.

3. Heavy Petting-
Ok, now we're started to get somewhere. Women like to be touched all over right? Well guess what.....So do men! don't just go right downtown to the genies' lamp and start rubbing it! Work your way to it, and stop to visit the other sites.

4. Give us some help!-
During the petting, many women wear tight clothing, like a tight pair of jeans. It's really hard to get your hand down there to do anything that's going to be worthwhile! So, help us out. Either wear a skirt or something, or open up your jeans and open you legs a bit for us!

5. Let us undress you-
ok, we're to the part were we start taking it off now. The one thing we like to do, is take off your clothes by ourselves! Also, we want you to take our clothes off too! It's a huge turnoff to watch you take your clothes off by yourself, unless you are doing a striptease dance or something!?

6. Lights on, Lights off?
Ok, we all know that most woman are uncomfortable naked right? While most guys don't give a rats' ***. But if you are really shy, then turn the lights off is ok, but leave some light on somewhere? ok? fair?

7. Forplay!-
Ok, this depends on the situation a bit. If we are just having a quicky, you can skip this one. If not, then this one is important. Guys like foreplay just as much as women! Honestly we do! So play with our cock a bit, use both hands, but be gentle. Remember, that thing is attached. Don't pull on it, like you are trying to start a lawnmower or something! Rubbing the balls is ok, but squeezing them like you are trying to get the last drop of juice out of an orange is not!!!

8. ORAL, ORAL, ORAL!!!!-
Ok, we all know most women love to recieve oral sex from men right? Well, guess what? ....... Guys like receiving oral as well! But only about 30% of women actually enjoy giving oral sex to men. So, here is the deal. If you want it, you better suck it baby! and learn how to do it right! If you don't know, then ask us ok? We don't mind if you ask, but can't stand a women whos' teeth are scraping our forskin!!! ouch!! Also don't bite the balls either!

9. To Swallow, or not to Swallow?-
That is a very good question! If you are doing the favor, then we don't care what you do with the outcome (pardon the pun !!
Just be sure to tell us what your intentions are BEFORE you start!! You have 3 options; spit, swallow, or facial! choose one!

10. Attention FAKERS!-
Ok, while we are giving you oral, or even during intercourse, this is a very touchy subject here, and that is the female orgasm! Learn how to have one. If you want to tell us how you like it, then please do so. If you can't get one, then don't fake it! YES, we can tell, and it's a huge turnoff to us!! I've even faked one with a women who faked with me, and left! If you are having one, then tell us too. We like to hear it! if you tell us, then we certainly won't ask later!

This is really a lost art on women mostly. I liked to be teased. Not sure if all guys like this, but I'm willing to bet yes. So tease us a little, just like women like to be teased. Give it a try you may like it too.

12. Protection?-
Ok, this is a good modern day topic. Safe sex! Ladies, if you are not on the pill, patch, or shot, please tell us before we get this far!!! If you want us to use a condom, please tell us before we get this far!!!! Now, who supplies the condom? Well, most guys should have one. However, most guys don't expect to get laid every night. I keep mine at home. So here is my rule of thumb for you ladies. Pack one in your purse if you want us to use it. If we are at your place, have some available. If we are at our place, then we will have some available, ok?

13. Penetration Lessons-
Ok, time to get the initial penatration. Guys hate it when a women just lays there at this point. So if you are on your back, or in a submissive position at this point, at least grab a hold of the cock, and help it in. Huge turn on for a guy to have a women grab it and put it inside her for him! Also, this way we won't hit the wrong hole!!! :-=

14. Dirty talking-
Ok, I'll admit it. Most guys do like some talking during sex. But not how your day was, or who was talking about who at work! We want some dirty talk! But don't come at us with that drunken sailors' mouth either! I had a girl once who was so bad, I had to plug my virgin ears!!

15. The Motion of the ocean-
Ok, during sex, don't just lay there like a log. Let's see some movement there. And if we are in charge (ie- on top), then try to at least keep the motion in rythem with us, ok? it's not rocket science now?

16. Watch those nails!-
Ok, while we're going at it. It's ok to rub and feel our bodies. But please don't dig those 1 inch finger nails into our backs! OUCH! I was at Myrtle Beach once and went into the BK there, and got started at by everyone. It looked like I had been mauled by a bear!

17. Learn How to Ride!-
Ok time for you to go on top, Or "cowgirl Up" position. Before you do this. Please learn how! Don't just sit up there, and wiggy your butt. and don't jump up and down on us like a trapoline either. When you get "hang time" like that, there is a good chance you will miss the "hole" on your way down! OUCH! Remember, that thing is attached!

Ok, while we are having sex. Don't try anything on us with you fingers! I have a sign on my butt, that says "Exit Only". so don't try and put your finger in my butt, thinking that will turn me on! It doesn't!
If you seriously want to do this, then please as us first.

19. Change it up-
Ok, if you got on top, and can ride, bonus points for you. If not, you at least have to take charge sometime, and try some different positions. Don't make us do all the work here! We are up for anything you want to try.

20. Hershey Highway?-
Ok, another touchy subject. I personally don't do this unless the woman requests it. That's the way I like to handle it. I know sometimes we slip, and hit the wrong hole. Please don't panic, just let us know you don't want it there, and we'll fix it. If you do want there, then tell us BEFORE sex!

21. Kissing During the Deed-
Ok, this goes back to #1 a bit. If we are you Boyfriend or hubby, that's ok. Otherwise, why bother? There is just no need for it. So don't do it! Just concentrate on the sex part. Nuff said.

22. Oral Orgasm-
Ok, we are about to blow our load. This goes back to #8. You should have picked out one of three choices by this time. So, now we warn you that we're gonna blow! So do your decision. Then leave it alone! don't keep sucking on it after. That thing is very sensative, just like a woman is after her orgasm! So leave it alone!

23. Where to CUM?-
Tell us where you want us to cum, BEFORE it happens! You got several choices here: pussy, ass, mouth, facial, tities, thigh, small of back, or belly button dump truck! Remember, if we have a condom on, we'll have to have a few extra seconds, so be ready when we are!

24. Ok, time to download!-
If you are still on top at this point, then ride us harder! Until we blow our load. AT this point please stop! Again, that thing is very sensative.

25. Cuddling afterwards-
NO, any questions? If we want to cuddle, we'll cuddle with you. Don't try to cuddle with us!

26. Talking afterwards-
NO, any questions? Just sit there, and enjoy what just happened. And please don't ask us if it was any good!!!!!

Ok, got it all, Any questions?

Hydragenias 57F

8/7/2006 6:21 pm

!!! WOW !!! you've had some really bad sex partners, haven't you? LOL

Welcome to the BLOGS!

oh, and.......define boyfriend

2Austin 45M

8/7/2006 6:29 pm

thank you hyda! Glad to see you here!

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