still enjoying getting  

1wrangler1 69M
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8/20/2006 9:36 pm
still enjoying getting

Well it's been awhile since the last post, so whats been going on, still have a few regular guys to suck My cock and one older guy who just loves Me to fuck him and then get down between My legs and suck My cock till I explode in His mouth and He swallows ever drop of My cum, and yes there have been some new guys. I meet up with them whenever I get a chance and I still like to meet new guys. Its such a turn on when You have a mouth sucking Your cock that has never sucked it before. But I an careful I like to get to know Who's mouth I an sticking My cock into, must be clean if You know what I mean. And there are still the ones who talk the talk but don,t walk the walk, they are just bullshitters. They just want to talk about sucking a cock and probably jack off and cum while they're talking, they never show for the real cock. Thats enough for now.

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