Perfect sexual partner  

1playfulgal 40F
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5/24/2005 11:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Perfect sexual partner

Has anyone ever met a partner that was perfect sexually...

I have met a man who knows how to push all the right buttons, he is extremely well hung and his cock is perfect shape...straight, not circumsized, but because of his size he looks circumsized...delicious to to play with...

In addition to that he has a deliciously muscled body, toned and so hard you could bounce quarters off of it...I get wet just thinking about him and the next time we will be together...

that is all there is...there is no emotional connection and i could not imagine anything else between us besides earth shattering sex...

Tell me about your perfect sex partner...what is he/she like? what makes hime/her the perfect partner?

firecrotch32 47F
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5/24/2005 4:41 pm

For me the perfect sex partner has way less to with anything physical but way more mental. don't get me wrong i like a bigger than average cock but if that is all they have to offer i am not interested. what i look for is passion and someone totally in sinc with me mentally during sex. they MUST be an amazing kisser because for me that is the foundation of great passion. if just by kissing me they can make my panties wet that is a very good sign. next i like them to be aggressive and very vocal. talk dirty to me...tell me how amazing my pussy, mouth, ass ect. feels. when they feel me getting exremely turned on and into it know when i am ready for u to push it to the next level by pulling my hair, smacking my ass occasionally and really pounding their cock into me while calling me a little cock slut . afterwards don't jump up throw your clothes on and run for the door....stay to hold me, gently caress me and bask in the afterglow.

great question btw

1playfulgal 40F
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5/24/2005 9:38 pm

firecrotch32 there are a lot of things on your list that this man has as well, they are important to me as well...i guess i take those things for granted...they seem quite common place in my sex life...maybe i just seem to attract that kind of men...

1playfulgal 40F
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5/24/2005 9:40 pm

SexTitten25 I feel for you girl...i know that we have more than one because this is my second...i thought that he was THE ONE...then i found another man that was more so my perfect match than the previous...don't worry you'll find another...

1playfulgal 40F
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8/8/2005 11:05 pm


Thanks sweety...that was a very nice thing to can always brighten my day...


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