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I've been doing this for years...i just thought i was an i have another name for it...

The term dogging refers to either having or observing exhibitionist sex in a public or semi-public place, usually outdoors. Sometimes the voyeurs join in on the sex, usually they just watch from nearby.

What makes it so much fun?

It's fun and it's forbidden. People love to watch and be watched during sex. There's also an element of challenge and adventure to finding a good dogging spot and seeking out an exciting encounter.

Some general ideas for places to try out...

Doggers mostly choose open air, somewhat out of the way places, often in or near country parks. Car parks are also quite common congregating spots, and occasionally cinema halls.

Is it illegal?

Dogging somewhat of a legal grey area, and the laws regarding public sex, nudity, lewdness, and their enforcement, vary by jurisdiction. In the UK, there are laws against public sex but they mostly are concerned with protecting "unwilling witnesses" from seeing acts of lewdness. We're not sure how this would be applied to sex in front of willing witnesses. However, if there is a complaint, you may be prosecuted. And in some areas the local police have been stepping up patrols to discourage activity at notorious dogging hangouts.

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I had an experience that falls into the "dogging" category. I decided to go for a drive up into the mountains north of where I live to get away from the city for an afternoon. Around luch time, I decided to pull off of the road in a spot that was used for this purpose. I sat in my car, ate my lunch, and began putting things away before pulling back onto the road to continue my day's explorations. A pickup truck pulled off of the road in front of me and parked about 20 yards ahead of my vehicle. I could see a man behind the wheel and a woman in the passenger seat through the rear window of the cab. As soon as the truck stopped, she leaned over and began kissing him. This got my attention. But, I figured that they would probably stop at that and then pull away again. That's when the woman pulled away from the man for a moment and looked straight through the rear window at me. Then she slowly lowered her head below the window towards his lap. Well, there was no doubt in my mind about what she was doing. I was sure that there was any doubt in hers that I knew what she was doing, either. So, I watched them from afar. I could see her head moving up and down through the window of the cab. I began to get aroused, my jeans slowly tightening in the crotch. After a little while, the man slid over to the passenger seat and she straddled him. Now she could look at me while she rode her man. This was too much for me to just watch. But, I didn't feel that I should approach them. So, I opened the fly of my pants and pulled out my hardness so that I could stroke it while watching this exhibitionist couple in action. She never stopped watching me. This made it into a very hot experience for me. I began to masturbate without concern that she would know what I was doing. I wanted her to know! I climaxed after a short time and decided to continue on my way. They never missed a beat when I pulled back onto the road and drove by them with a huge grin on my face.


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EroticallyRapt what a great story...

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