if you are tryin to read about sex skip this one!  

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2/11/2006 8:39 am

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if you are tryin to read about sex skip this one!

in case I’ve been successful in hiding the fact that I’m an actively struggling musician and producer i figure ill go ahead and admit it now before you read this post and that the following subject matter is mainly about the industry so if you expected a story about sexy commercials that's down the hall at one of the more established members' blogs

I already know the answer, but when I feel overwhelmed i ask. Music commercialism: why so evil?

Now, back to what i was saying.

I know that capitalism has been America's backbone with a growing benign tumor growing bigger and bigger known as commercialism but as i outgrew the angst of the hell that is being an American teenager i learned to be apathetic and unconcerned with the corruption of our nation and it's dependency on programmed enticement and the power of a buck.

But just now, i was online looking at mindless information. eventually I ran across something that mentioned the RIAA and i realized that while I’ve been to a few govt sites about copywrite and bmi and ascap's sites I’ve never actually read up on what they have to inform everyone about... and i got into reading about some of the laws out there to "protect" artists...

holey shit! i mean does anyone know how bad it really is? i mean a couple decades ago if you accidentally said the same thing in a song you wrote and you loved to sing it for your friends even if you got caught with such an innocent act it would just mean you had to stop or change the words... now a days in order to protect the industry of music it seems if you get caught doing something like that the law allows the cops to lock you up for 5 years and label or artist can make you pay thousands of dollars!

now I’m not saying that the cops are locking people up for un-intended similarities in lyrics, but what i am saying is i think the govt should consider alternative points of view than the poor defenseless fatcats of the industry and i don’t mean Joe blow downloader who is nothing more then a internet junky who likes to get a wide perspective of music styles (pretty much my target audience btw ha ha ha). I mean the indie artists who bust our asses off for music that’s almost impossible to get anyone to purchase because there aren’t enough companies out there selling our downloads with the same dedication the labels put into the music they sell

how do they get away with that? I’m glad you asked
1. they know were hungry, and that most of us are so jaded by the industry and lack of opportunities that we are happy just to keep a positive balance somewhere after $5 in royalties even though almost none of them will pay until you earn $100 making it hard to fund maybe printing a hard copy of the same music, or better yet maybe pay yahoo or Google for some advertising pointing to the music they have available online
2. The big artists have hundreds of people they have to pay in order to cover the cost of their albums (notice i said artists, this is because labels usually make the artist financially responsible now a days from what i understand...) but when you listen to some of the indie bands online, have you noticed a lot of em sound better then signed artists, and generally the only exception to that is the ones who just signed major deals like morning wood and fallout boy (that's because the industry is desperate and so they are giving a little extra control to artists right now)

now, what does all this bullshit mean to me? that I’m still poor, but. I’m so stubbornly attached to my music. that i haven’t got any time to look at a backup career just in case I have been spending the last few months recovering from downtime, updating my style, learning how to take control over the entire process of making money off of music as an individual (which is hard enough with an entire band but as a solo-producer it's overwhelming). Now I have just got started in my new effort to progressively promote my music enough that i can fund a hardcopy official debut album for both my career as an artist and an indie label CEO

anyway enough of me bitching and ranting... i just wanted to share how shocked i was with all of you.… if you have opinions on any of these issues don’t hesitate to cheer or bitch me out so i can do the same or rebuttal for my side again

capwun 43M

2/12/2006 2:31 am

y'know, i come across a lot of musical artists online trying to find an outlet on here to bridge the gap between them and new fans, and i always tell them, why not setup an online store for yourself? maybe it's just me, but the artists who come to me about this, the artists that sit around and complain all day online about it to their buddies simply don't want to put in the effort it takes to even began to slightly have a chance at becoming successful at their craft; however, it seems like you do not fall under this horrible stereotype i have for online artists because you're putting your music before yourself. i'm a web designer & if you ever want to tap into the abundance of the world wide web to promote yourself, i'd be glad to open the doors for you. right now the lowest rate i've found is as little as $35 a year. not to sound like i'm a salesmen and trying to promote something to you, but imagine that, your own spot on the internet to sell your music to the entire world for only $35 a year. it's very much possible - you've just gotta' know how to pimp the system, and that's ultimately my response to your blog on the issue of the music industry. to repeat, simply put, you've just gotta' know how to pimp the system that pimps you. peace.

Gozzbot 30M
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2/12/2006 5:42 am

Sounds like you two could make quite the team in trying to sell this music on. I think it's great that there are people out there still trying to make it against the system but hey, we all need some help sometimes. If you sends some copies I can try and get it round the british university scene which is always happy to hear new artists. Just thought I'd give a bit of a boost.

rm_FreeLove999 47F
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2/12/2006 2:01 pm

u r not the only one using your blog to promote your work -- i am hoping my popularity here translates to booksales when i get my book out there

[blog freelove999]

1niceTgirl2try 36T
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2/12/2006 6:54 pm

freelove: no doubt, actualy it was because I had seen a few struggling writers on here that i got the idea of using several blogs(which quickly shifted into a more focused project mainly on myspace.com) as places to distribute some free mp3's, since then ive learned how trendy myspace has become and did a couple major updates to my website and hopped on the buss that alot of signed artists are getting onto and made my webpage and my myspace profile and blog kinda work together with eachother

capwun, as a matter of fact i have a half-assed raw barebones shoestring website up and online with music that i am offering for free for now until i can set aside an entire week simply to listen to, pick out, arrange, and remaster music for a debut indie release... for the first time in a long time ive managed to get forward movement in my career no matter how slow, it's been a long time since i had gotten fans of any level and before i was too insecure to realize just how hard they used to try to let me know they thought i was either talented or status depending on who you asked and how much drugs they did ha ha ha ha....

and gozz, you can hear music on my site, which i will post very crypticaly in 2 a couple posts back in the "hey world" blog information for you 3 to be able to find my site

rm_jackie40503 71T
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2/22/2006 2:19 am

Hummmm that one must have pasted right over my simple little head -giggles- . How about passing me that website address in a private email, would love to listen to what you’ve got.


1niceTgirl2try 36T
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2/22/2006 3:50 am

sykko sound records is the name i record under... if you take off the records part the rest of it makes since when trying to guess what the url actualy is

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