Sex and the Military  

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3/29/2006 10:06 am

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Sex and the Military

I admit it, I’m romantically challenged. I have this fear of commitment
or as I look at it . . . being committed. Sounds like a place for someone mentally unstable and I’m just not able to sign in.

So I’m searching for solutions to fill my needs. Over the past year I’ve decided to try the military dating scene for various reasons:
a)they usually leave at some point (no commitment there)
b)after being deployed they’re usually thrilled to be with a woman and treat her well
c)they have respect and honor programmed into their being
d)they have money to spare since they have limited belongings, limited wardrobe, limited space and nothing better to spend their cash on except nice cars and motorcycles and entertainment
e)they’re busy and don’t bother you much

Seems like it would work for me, so off I went. I was about to learn how little I knew.

Guy #1: At 38 years old, he had been in the navy for 13 years. We got along well and had fun doing the bar scene. He was really into listening to stories about me being with other men and totally got off on that! We reached a point where he wanted to watch me with other men which I declined. I feel that when I’m with someone it’s my personal time with them, and I don’t share. It takes away the intimacy for me and I live for passion and intimacy. In the end, he became jealous and accused me of being with other men and not telling him all about it. All I could say is . . . NEXT.
Guy#2: A doctor in the army, 36, large (buff), handsome, smart, money he didn’t know what to do with, entertaining, fun! We were a very good-looking couple and I loved having his large arms wrapped around my little body. Low and behold, he eventually invited me to participate with him and another woman. Again, I don’t share. Been there, done that, I’ve moved on in a different direction. NEXT.
Guy #3: Air Force, 38 years old, cute, fun, loved to party. After one date he got totally drunk, told me he spent $70 on me that night (wow) and threatened to leave me at some remote bar. Nice. For some dumb drunk reason we still ended up back at his place. He dropped his pants and said “so, what do you think of this?” to which I grabbed my purse and left. I’m not that drunk and you’re not that good. He actually asked me out again after that. My only response was . . . NEXT.
Guy #4: Just a mere baby of 21 and thought he could actually please me. Nice looking but dumb as ever. I just couldn’t play teacher and he couldn’t hold a conversation. He still contacts me and wonders when we’re going to get together again. NEXT.
Guy #5: this was my favorite. He was a Special Forces guy in the army. Cute as ever. He drove a BMW. We dined at fancy restaurants and stayed in fancy hotels. I was totally spoiled. His performance in the bedroom was awe inspiring and he took me places I haven’t been. We fit well together in every way and I still can’t get over the fun, adventurous sex. He was small in size but knew how to work me well and gave me my first pearl necklace. He left last December and I will never see him again. He is a good memory and I will keep that.
Guy #6: this one is ongoing. He’s 31, European but is now a US citizen, sporting a cute accent. There is a slight language barrier here. I have to admit I can’t understand half of what he says, but I don’t really care at this point. He’s awesome in bed, even a little nasty and keeps me coming back for more. Problem . . . he doesn’t know how to really treat a lady. He’s crossed a few lines with me and lied. Yes, I know this is mainly sex but I can still demand to be treated with honor and integrity. He is lacking this which is surprising for a military man. So why continue with him? Because there is a very loving side to him and when we’re together, I melt. There are some people in this world that you click with and he’s one of them for me. There’s a force that pulls me into his arms. He’s not the right man for me in so many ways but he brought something out in me that I hadn’t felt in so long . . . feelings. I can honestly say I have passionate feelings for him and since my divorce I’ve basically gone through guys like Kleenix without any sort of remorse. Didn’t care. This man leaves in two weeks. I will miss him and may shed a tear but there’s a part of me that’s glad he is going. This too, needs to end.

Conclusion . . . the odds aren’t good for me as far as military. They’re distant creatures due to the way they are trained. Some can be very sweet but most are a little off the edge sexually (my opinion). It’s been a great run but this train ride is over. NEXT.

eroticcartoonist 38M
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3/29/2006 5:21 pm

"Sideways" made me bust a gut laughing.

But man I could have told you you were ill-perceived about the honor and respect thing. When I was in highschool a lot of girls would date these navy boys, and man oh man were these guys fucked up. I'd say they'd have to be to be dating 16 and 17 year old girls in the first place. One guy actually got caught in the women's barracks masturbating over a cadet's face. I think military population is reflective of the civilian - you got some fucked up people and you got some good people, but your own observations are just as weighty.

Military guys are taught to honor and respect AUTHORITY only - as in their superior officers.

But all in all, at least you had some fun.


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