The Table - a humble erotic tale  

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The Table - a humble erotic tale

The table is hard yet comforting under my back. The leather straps feel rough against my skin, the buckles cool where the metal touches flesh. Each ankle is strapped to the table, spreading my legs open. Other straps above my knees hold them secure. Another strap across my pelvis and one just under my breasts pin my torso like a specimen in a butterfly collection. Of course my wrists are also secured to the table. My head rests on a small padded platform extending for the head of the table.

Blindfolded I strain to hear what is going on around me. I try to keep my breathing normal but the fear and excitement make that difficult. I am sweating slightly and my pussy is growing moist in anticipation of whatever is in store for me.

The cold cream on my nipples makes me gasp. Fingers smear it over and around my swollen little buds. “Ahhhhhhhh” I sigh. A new sensation! Something smooth and round pressed over each nipple. Whoever is doing this rotates them in the cream. The feeling is silky, I can’t adequately describe it, but I moan softly.

A click!

A soft whirring noise!


My nipples are being sucked by whatever has been pressed over them I can only assume a cup of some kind! The feeling is intense. The suckling of this machine is almost painful in its force and then the suction softens to almost imperceptible levels only to intensify again seconds latter. In the moments that follow my breathing increases, I can feel my heart pounding, my pussy weeps between my helplessly pinned legs and I am aware that the suckling of this machine is random one second softly nursing and the next sucking so hard as to make me wince and almost cry out. The effect is devastating. I moan, I whimper, I tremble in my bonds.

I feel hands on my legs, soft, caressing, I moan louder now, “God yes touch me please” I think but the arousing hands always stop short of where I need them. A new substance is applied to my smooth shaven mound. I can feel small pad like things being pressed to my flesh. I strain to hear any sound that might tell me what is happening.

I lie helpless for several minutes the only sensations I can focus on are the incessant suckling of my breasts. My chest heaves within the straps. I suck in great gulps of air between the whimpering I can no longer control. Whoever this is must have known how sensitive my nipples are, how I am literally weakened to helplessness by their constant stimulation.

“OHHHHH SHIIITTT!!” I wail!!! A pulse of electricity sends my vaginal muscles into a spasm. The sensation is like my clitoris being kissed from inside me. The pulsing current continues slowly irregularly, mercilessly. I am driven to the edge of the abyss but never taken over.
I loose all track of time or space my whole world is my body the epicenter between my legs. Juices run from me like a river. My nipples feel enormous and ache for more. I don’t know if I have been here minutes, hours or days.

Tears of frustration roll down my cheeks. I tense and strain against the straps to bring myself relief but it isn’t enough. I shake from head to toe. I feel faint!

“PLEASE!!” I shriek, “NO MORE”

A soft laugh greats me.

Time passes and now I can stand it no longer I am screaming begging pleading promising anything everything to whoever is torturing me so. No act is to degrading for me to vow it. Nothing is sacred now I will literally do anything to be allowed relief from this merciless torment.

I am reduced to hoarse croaking now, my mouth and throat so dry, my head thrashes side to side.

“OH GOD NO AGAIN PLEASE NOT AGAIN NO MORE PLEASE PLEASE!!” as the sensations between my legs fades once more.

My body aches, my muscles sore from the straining struggling. I have no mind left, no thoughts other than the sensations in my suffering pussy. I would fuck anyone or anything now but nothing enters me.

The electrical horror resumes. I can no longer even cry out. I am spent. Destroyed. I onl;y await the inevitable fading just as relief seems so near.

I wait I feel it building within me growing swelling. The stimulation is NOT FADING though I am only half aware of it. Higher and higher I go my body frozen now in a rigor like death, my face contorted.

The cups on my nipples are ripped off the monstrously swollen buds just a powerful, agonizing, jolt of electricity explodes through my cunt!!!


I am screaming, screaming, screaming, in the most powerful climax of my young life. The force of the contractions between my legs as painful as they are pleasurable, my mind explodes, fragments, all is color and light behind my eyes then darkness.

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