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7/15/2006 2:12 am
drunk bloggin

lol, DO NOT drink alone. Damn, its hard to type drunk. Have to keep erasing and redoing.

Anywho, do not drink alone is what they always say. Ok, so who do I drink with? I live in Tok. My fire guys are gone. Most of my people are married. lol, THAT is the end of all thats good!
I guess that I can NOT drink. I can....roam the net. Im(fucking IM's keep crashing), enter contests, (shup!), read ( read soooo much the last few weeks), watch tv (haven't had tv hooked up in my house since 95), videos (broke as a mutha till tue). I

I do have booze though, ungodly amounts of booze. I just moved all my alcohol from the cabin to the duplex. I ahve booze from 1998! lol oh well. hehehe
reminds me of a story.
Back once upon a long time ago,I had a true love. She was/is the most amazing thing. She was so innocent,naive even. We learned a lot together. Lived with her almost a year. One of the things SHE learned during that time was aabout booze. We had gone to a bar about a 30 minute drive from the house. We met some of her friends, did the socsialising stuff. She had 2 long island iced teas. lol, god dthis is funny. She said she wanted another so I ordered it for her. Sh went to the bathroom b4 I ordered it. When she came back she was swerving, lol. She set down, and almost immediately they brought the Iced Tea. She took a sip from it. Then said she was really drunk and we needed to leave. So I said ok, lets go. She rabbed the drink and said she needed to finnish it first. (this is the thing she learned lol) I said" its booze, it doesn't matter leave it" in answer she sucked it down, one long pull on the straw, took it all down, bam. I sook my head and said yo should of let it go. We walked to the car, got in, took off. 10 minutes later she is rolling down the window to get the full wind on her face. Saying she doesn't feel good.(no shit, not a heavy drinker and did 3 Iced teas, one a chug). We make it home without her puking. We get upstairs to the apartment and she goes straight to the bathroom. I look in and she is on her knees. I come in and hold her hair back, tel lher its ok, go ahead and throw up. So she does, hard. 5 minutes or more of puking. She then lays down on the floor. I clean up what little mess there is. I try to get her to go to be d and she refuses, she wants to stay with the toilet, because she might get sick again and because the cold feels good.
I go to the bedroom and grab 2 pillows and a blanket, come back, get her comfy, cuddle up to her and hold her.
The next morning when we wake up and get cleaned up she tells me, " I didn't have to drink that did I?"
" I won't do that again"
And she hasn't, she still remembers, and has recently told me, its just booze, leave it. lol, She used that line with her friends and hubby. lol

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