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Dating questionnaire

A few simple questions to help the dating process go a little smoother.

When you’re just getting to know a guy and he mentions he smokes pot you:
a. change the subject and make a mental note that he’s a loser
b. think nothing of it ‒ everyone goes through that phase
c. look forward to checking out his CD collection
d. offer to show him your authentic Aztec water bong

When people are having a heated discussion about religion you:
a. shake your head and walk away
b. join in on the side for Jesus
c. claim to be an atheist for laughs
d. show them all what Buddha would do

During dinner with friends the subject of politics comes up, you:
a. nod and smile and hope the conversation skips you
b. agree with whatever the president is doing
c. mention how much you admire Hilary Clinton
d. slam the Democrats for being whiny pussies

Your ideal date would be:
a. dinner, a movie, and then sex
b. a baseball game, a walk through the park, then sex
c. an all night conversation waking up in each others arms, then sex
d. sex, and then whatever

When you are making love to a guy and you feel his dick sliding into your butt you:
a. tell him to stop, then leave immediately
b. tell him no, but continue the regular way
c. tell him you’ll try anything once
d. thank God for someone who knows how to fuck

When you’re home alone on a boring Saturday, you might:
a. catch up on the bills, do some yard work, and clean the house
b. read all day, surf the web, then fall asleep watching movies
c. go for a jog, then a swim, then head to the ballpark
d. masturbate at least twice, with and without toys
e. all of the above

Then Sunday you would:
a. finish the chores you started the day before
b. call friends and family and write letters
c. watch football all day
d. masturbate again, this time while watching porn

Your idea of great filmmaker is:
a. The guy who did Blair Witch
b. The guy who did Girls Gone Wild
c. Kevin Bacon
d. Seymore Butts
e. The Coen brothers and Kubrick

When it comes to eating sushi you:
a. never come within twenty feet of it
b. enjoy the occasional roll
c. never met a fish you didn’t like
d. could eat it morning, noon and night

Coffee is:
a. disgusting and addictive
b. a good Christmas gift
c. a good after dinner drink
d. its own food group

If you could have only one channel it would be:
a. E!
b. CNN
d. HBO
e. On demand porn

When you feel the urge to read you reach for:
a. The comics
b. People magazine
c. Anything by John Grisham
d. Maxim
e. I can’t decide until I walk down every isle of Barnes and Noble

When you hear this on the radio you crank up the volume:
a. Brittany Spears
b. The Pat Robertson Evangelical Hour
c. The New York Philharmonic
d. Dave Matthews
e. Tito Puente’s Cuban Salsa Favorites

Your ideal guy can do this for hours:
a. Scream at the TV while watching ESPN
b. Cook endless varieties of pasta
c. Have wandering, deep, intelligent conversations
d. Give you multiple orgasms in different positions
e. B, C, and D
f. C & D
g. D is enough

The more A & B answers the less likely we are to enjoy our time.

The more C & D answers our compatibility improves vastly.

If you answered D or higher to every question contact me immediately!

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