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1/24/2006 5:53 pm

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hook up

We met on-line. He posted explicit pics. He was 5'11 with a tight hairy ass for all to see. I was horny and bored at home. We met on a website and it progressed to a little cam jack off. The only view he saw was my hard 8" cock. As the cam exchange became hotter he started begging to meet. He was needy. He showed me his pleading ass on cam. After constant pleading I finally gave in and rented a room. I found one of those sleazy motels on the strip. We agreed to meet in an hour.

I arrived early and checked in. I set up the room the way I wanted and patiently waited for that hot ass to arrive.

After a fifteen minute wait I thought that my rigid cock would split the zipper on my jeans. There was a knock at the door. I opened the door and remained behind the door as he entered. "There is a blind fold on the bed. Put it on and don't turn around," I commanded. "Don't turn around."

"I just want to see what you look like," the stranger pleaded. I did not respond. He attempted to look at me in the mirror. "Blindfold boy!" I ordered. He was quick to comply.

I required him to stand motionless for several minutes. I could tell that he was excited because he began breathing deeply. He ass tightened as his shoulders tightened and relaxed. I slowly walked up behind him and whispered, "Are you going to be a good boy? Will you do as I request?"
"Yes sir," he quickly complied, "Please fuck me, sir!"

I did not respond. I slowly brushed against his jeans and back. His breathing became more rapid and he attempted to back onto me. "I can't stand the anticipation!" he shouted.

I brushed the tip of my index finger against the nape of his neck. I slowly traced down my finger down his back to the crack of his ass. "Fuck me! Please fuck me with that big cock!" he pleaded like a dutiful boy. He attempted to reach behind him and grab my crotch. I slapped his hand away. "We are going to do this my way. Do you understand?" I whispered quietly in his ear. "Yes sir," he replied.

I pressed harder against his back. I reached around him and started to slowly unbutton his shirt. I spread the front of his shirt open and lightly brushed his rock hard nipples. I pulled him tighter to me. I grabbed his crotch through his jeans. He moaned loudly. I snapped the button on his jeans and quickly jerked them to his knees. I slowly ran my fingers around the waistband of his boxer briefs. My hands ran the down the side of his hips. "Fuck my ass, sir," he pleaded.

I pushed his briefs down to his knees. He rigid cock sprang forth. I walked around him and sat on the bed. I reached out and grabbed his 7" oozing member. I pulled him closer to me. He waddled awkwardly with his jeans wrapped around his knees. The boy almost came because of my firm grip. I helped him out of his jeans. Once he was free from his clothes I engulfed his member. His body started to quiver. "Thank you sir," he said repeatedly. I slowly stroked his balls and he eagerly spread his legs. I waited a few more seconds and engulfed his pleading member in my mouth. I quickly shoved a finger deep into his pleading asshole. His whole body shook as he let out a deep moan. The boy could not speak. I released his member from my mouth but kept my finger in his ass. "You like that boy?"
He responded breathlessly, "Yes sir, please fuck me sir." I slowly introduced a second finger as precum oozed from his head.

I finger fucked him with two fingers while he stood in front of me trying to spread his legs. I removed my finger, got off the bed and walked around him. I pushed him forward so that his knees hit the bed. I ordered him to kneel with his face flat on the head. He was quick to comply. He was a horny boy who needed to obey. His eagerness and anticipation put a smile on my face.

I pulled his dick between his legs. I poured cold lube on his cock head and rubbed it over his cock. I slowly introduced a glass dildo into his ass. The boy continued moaning and rotate his hips. When his ass accepted the dildo I quickly removed it. It panted and begged to be fucked. I slowly introduced the fake cock again. I alternated fucking his and jacking his rigid cock. He moaned and begged to be fucked.

I pulled his knees out so that he lay flat on the bed. I ordered him to stand. I led him over to the vaniety mirror. I ordered him to lean against the vanity. I kicked his feet so they were spread far apart and his ass was jutting out.

I slowly rubbed my rigid cock against his well lubed ass. The boy moaned but did not speak. I pushed the head of my cock into his pleading ass. "Fuck me sir, please," he started yelling. I shoved my cock deep inside of him. His ass met each of my thrusts. He started panting and as ass tightened around my cock. He could not longer with hold. As soon as he started cumming I ripped of the blind fold. He watched himself cum as I fucked his ass. He stared in amazement watching himself cum as I pounded his ass.

burningup66 51M

2/5/2006 3:43 pm

this guy never stops amazing me..........wow keep it up man

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