Give it to me baby!  

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8/25/2006 6:01 am

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Give it to me baby!

Did you ever get that crazy feeling inside of you, when you first met someone that you knew right then you had to have them...You think about them 24/7 and you constantly wonder what it would be like to make crazy love to them? You dream about it all the time!The sex that you think of is like another part of you that you hardly share with anyone. Not even the person that you have been with for many years. You can't take it anymore!! Your new someone calls you and invite you out to dinner on a hot summer night. I dress very sexy, but elegant and still leave enough to the imagination. Lets say a short black mini skirt, with a just the right cut top, and of course black strappy high heals! With my bear toned legs exposed! After dinner and dancing with a few drinks in hand we settle back at your place for a nightcap. We both settle unto the couch with exhaustion. You get up to pour us both a drink, you call me into your bedroom for some further unwinding. Before you even hand me my drink you set it down and lean towards me to take of my top.Then you set me down onto your bed and take my foot one by one as you proceed to take of my high heels. Now I am feeling a little excited as I sit with just my bra, panties, and black mini skirt on, you kneel down in front of me, and led the way to unbutton your shirt which I kindly take over as I take off your shirt I take my hand and smooth it over your muscular chest and continue to caress every inch of your exposed body. I can not withhold myself and go straight down to undo your jeans. I have noticed that you are very erect and I am loving it. I slowly take off every last bit of clothing that you have on, and pull you into me..You are now on top of me and we are kissing passionately. You slid your hand under my skirt and gently rub my aching puss. The way that you are kissing me is like no other.From my lips to the sides of my neck back to my lips again. This has got me totally hot! I can not take it anymore, this is what I have dreamed of. Before we knew it we were both naked and exploring each others bodies in all the right ways. I can feel my pussy pulsating and becoming very wet. I put you on your back and slid on top only to tease you for a bit as I slowly ease down to take your hard cock into my mouth. I slowly give you far more of an experience you have never had. You begin to twitch, I knew what was coming next so I gently caress your cock, slowly being sure not to make you shoot your load yet. I am so turned on by you I have to have you inside of me, I slowly raise up to your ear and softly whisper to you, I want to feel you inside of me! You cant hardly stand it and put me on all fours. You can not help to notice how wet I am so you decide to ease your tongue into my juicy hole. You teased me as I had teased you. I am moaning for your hard cock, you take your hand and grab my long hair into a ponytail and loop around as if it was a rein then you ease your hard cock into my tight wet throbbing pussy, you glide it in inches at a time until you reach deep be cont {=} {=}

rm_ready2goinoc 42M

9/7/2006 11:16 pm

Mmmmm. Makes me want to spend excessive time tasting your juices.

AtticusHenry9 44M/46F

9/7/2006 3:58 pm

You just get better and better...and I get harder and bigger and thicker...
wish the four of us were all here right now...
Henry(and Jocie-at the park right now)

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