A steep learning curve (This is long...... if you give up before the end I'd understand hehe)  

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5/12/2006 4:59 pm

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A steep learning curve (This is long...... if you give up before the end I'd understand hehe)

Well another week almost over. I feel a bit slack compared to some bloggers, most days i barely seem to have time to do more than log on, post the odd comment, and check messages etc. while others online use this almost like their journal. Oh well thats life somtimes i guess, we fit in what we can. At this point once or twice a week will have to suffice for me.....

Well life for us has started to change a little now that we are "open" as it were. But of course this was inevitable, you can't stop the change. But then again why would you really want to i guess, breaking the comfort zones, making a change, it's the only true way to grow and learn.
And we have indeed been on a steep learning curve, with hiccups along the way, a few fights (as couples do), errors in judgement, apologies to be made.

Indeed communication is the make or break factor in this whole situation. I have found nothing makes it harder to deal with than not knowing all the facts, or even just FEELING like your partner isn't telling you everything. Cause then the mind play tricks on you, and comes up with it's own distorted view of what actually is.

Let this be a lesson to anyone going into this, or thinking about it. They are called OPEN relationships for a very good reason i have learnt. Only when you are TRUELY open can you really enjoy the experience and make it work to your advantage. Mistrust and unhappiness will only develope if you are treating your liasons like dirty little secrets.

We have now both been with other people at least once, away from each other, and survived it. I have even met my partners "boyfriend" a few times, as we hang out in a similar social scene in Melbourne.

The first time is perhaps the real test isn't it. The first time you both leave the home you share to be with others, the slight jealousies you have about each other (we are only human of course!), and how good a time your partner had while they
were away.

But like so much of life, after you've done it once it gets easier to handle. Lets face it, making a relationship open will either make or break it, and happily for us we are already noticing a more positive atmosphere in our life together.
WAY LESS fighting lol We really know how to push each others buttons sometimes, plus she's a fiery scorpio girl, while i'm Pisces/Aries. (Guess which side the fights bring out of me - fire or water lol) Verbal only of course, i'm too piscean to be THAT agressive. I would rather compromise, I fucking HATE conflict.

Hearing about each others exploits can be quite a thrill too hehe
We feel happier being together than we have done for months, and that can only be a good thing.

Well if you made it through my ramblings, bloody well done for having the patience. Do i owe anyone a butt massage? lol (Numb from sitting reading this page perhaps hehe)

willow1937 58F

5/13/2006 3:22 am

yes well what can i say , i did make it through your ramblings but found then very well written , u kids should be proud off how your coping with this big adjustment in you lives
i find that people go through there whole life with someone with out being truly honest with them and really knowing what makes them tick so keep positive and keep moving forward
p.s so how do i get my free butt massage lol

1_to_play_with 45M

5/13/2006 5:34 pm

Thanks willow, yes i am an eternal optimist, prefer to see things on the upside. Thanks for being there when i needed to talk though....(hugs )
One butt massage coming your way

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