When Bad Pictures Happen to Good People  

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4/19/2006 11:40 pm
When Bad Pictures Happen to Good People

OK - I've bit my tongue as long as I could, and, feel obliged to speak my mind (it is a blog after all).

We both enjoy our time here on AdultFriendFinder. It is a unique forum that is relatively open, and, fosters a fair degree of openness (likely because of the topics being discussed). That having been said, both of us are visual people.

Let's be honest - when we are all scrolling through looking at who's online, we are all drawn to the profiles that have a picture. It is this same desire that forces me to now speak up....neither of us are supermodels, nor are we photographers, but, we do like to feel we put a little something into the pics we take and post here. I mean, these are a reflection of us, and, what is the message you convey if you post a picture that is less than great.

I'm not here to criticize anyone, especially not those brave enough to post a picture on their profile. What I am asking is, if you are going to post a picture, give it the once over and ask yourself if you are really happy with it.

I'll give you some examples of things we've seen in just the past few days....

A picture of a guy, standing posed in front of his car, and, his zipper is part way down (not in a sexy sort of way either, more in a he didn't know and his jeans are too tight kind of way)

Pictures of men and women who claim to be non-smokers and have cigarettes in their hands.

Pictures that are so poorly lit, you can't make heads or tails out of what you are seeing. Or, my other favorite - really, really blurry pics.

I mean, sad but true, those images are the first thing we see, and, help formulate an opinion of the person or couple in the first few seconds when we check out your profile. I just worry that, bad pictures are causing good people to go unnoticed.....so, again, I applaud each and every person that is brave enough to post a picture with their profile, but, I beg you all, do a quick check of the photo - it is a reflection of you, and, one of your selling points to the rest of us.

I'll now climb down off my soapbox.

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