Somedays I Wonder Why We Bother......  

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5/27/2006 12:41 am

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Somedays I Wonder Why We Bother......

So, tonight's rather late blog is brought about largely by the latest influx of mail and network invites we arrived to tonight......

We spent time on our profile. We felt it was only fair to give you a fairly accurate sense of both of us. It has verbiage from both the male and female half of this duo. We are honest in what we write and wrote. We strive to take good pictures, update them often, and, have a network of other pictures of us. In a simple sentence, we take the time and effort to make our profile an accurate and true representation of us.

Now, it is nights like tonight where I sometimes am left to shake my head and wonder why bother. If we've never emailed you or chatted with you, your profile has nothing but crotch shots, why do you think we'd suddenly be interested in adding you to our network. Even worse, often, if we take the time to look at your profile, 'surprise' you have no pictures in your network. In essence, what you are saying is, you hope to sneak a peak at more of our pics. I say if that is what you want, be honest about it, and, flat out say it, but, don't be offended if we turn you away. Same thing goes for folks that wink at us, whose profiles have a whopping three sentences to sum them up. I mean, yes, this sex is largely about finding sex. Yes, we are looking for people to have sex with....that having been said, this does not make us desperate. A simple wink followed up by you asking us to join your network that lacks pictures, or, if we are really 'lucky' - an email from you that is 2 lines long and basically says 'Lets fuck' is not going to cut it, and, it leaves me to wonder, why we bother.

Last point in tonight's flaming rant, single guys (or, the whipping boys of AdultFriendFinder), I know the pics of her are hot, and, yes she is flat out sexy. But, take a second to actually read what we wrote - there is actually two halves to this, your emails sent basically as though I do not exist are largely amusing to us both.....and, sadly, further proof that, some respond to our profile without actually reading what we've written.

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