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6/27/2006 5:30 pm

I was out of town for the weekend and staying with friends who have a huge master bath. Friday no one was home and I was hanging out so I decided to take a nice, long bath in their huge tub. As the water poured into the massive tub, I realized the faucet was positioned at the diagonal - along the curve of the tub.......
I slipped into the water and slid my ass up to the curve of the tub, placing my feet on either side of the faucet and handles, of course, opening my legs wide (since that is my favorite thing to do.....).

The water poured out of the faucet and spilled onto and into my pussy. The constant flow beating down on my erect clit. I pulled open my pussy's lips and leaned back, thoroughly enjoying the wonderful sensation of the water cascading over my clit and labia and even into my vagina. The feeling was so intensely erotic that I came with just the water touching me......
After I had my water orgasm, I slid back and sunk into the rising water. I'm a big girl with big tits, so when the water rose over my belly, my tits actually floated. The tub was oval-shaped so I was able to let my legs fall open. I rocked back and forth just a little to feel the water swirling around my tits. My nipples were hard as rocks! The water was hot, making the surrounding air cool. I stroked and fondled my nipples, watching my tits floating in the water.....I was still very horny, so I began pinching and pulling on them, increasing my state of arousal. Finally, I slid my hands under the water and down my torso to my aching cunt. With my clit and labia aroused, I slid my fingers in and out and around them. I was feeling particularly naughty, so I slid my fingers in my ass with my thumb on my clit and finger-fucked my ass until I came again......
After all that, I needed a shower!

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