Erotic Thoughts of Her  

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2/5/2006 6:10 am

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Erotic Thoughts of Her

She's dressed to the nines, a very classy attractive woman. I study every detail of her
well pampered body. The afternoon sun shining through the highlights in her wavy golden hair, accenting them to perfection. The color of her nail polish matches her face as she blushes at me, knowing she has my complete attention. Her scent fills the room, driving my senses out of control. Shes a lady and she knows it, choosing her words carefully, the subtle hint of what lies beneath her proper exterior.

She moves closer to me, into my aura. I can feel her body calling to me to just take her. Our eyes meet briefly, catching a glimpse of what is on our minds.

Without a word I begin to massage her neck and back as I move closer and embrace her. She resists at first, but soon succumbs to my touch. Our lips find each other, the heat builds between us as we relax, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues in a hungry kiss. She lets out a slight moan, I can feel the heat building between her legs, moving my hands to her silky thighs, gently brushing past her
warm mound. I feel her hands near mine now, as she unzips herself for me, giving me access to her throbbing pussy. I can feel her wetness building as I probe her. Finding all of her little points that turn her on.

I can feel the control I am gaining over her, allowing me full access to her body. She kisses my chest, slowly and seductively moving lower as she unzips my pants. The proper woman look is gone now, as I see the naughty woman coming out of her. With a gleam in her eyes she takes my cock into her mouth, still looking at me, watching my face to see the pleasure she is giving me. One hand is working on her pussy, continuing what I had started. The slow climb up to that point of pleasure.

I move my tongue towards her pussy, to enjoy the taste of her wetness. Fingers still probing her, as I tease her throbbing clit. She lets out a huge moan as she cums, soaking my face and chest completely. She moves her mouth towards my face, licking the wetness from my face and chest as I put my cock inside her. She comes instantly again, feeling me deep inside her, I feel the wetness running down my legs. I give her a good fucking until she cums again, I stop for a moment to lie on my back for her to straddle me.

She rides me wildly, and gives me a few more soakings. I can feel her pussy contracting now, knowing its time for me to release my warm cum into her. We cum together,our bodies shudder deep in that point of ecstasy.

We lie there for a moment, catching our breath.
She looks at me with the still naughty look on her face, and hungrily cleans our cum from my cock. I become hard again very soon, but her mouth refuses to stop pleasuring me. She is enjoying being naughty with me. I can sense her need for me to be rough with her. So I grab her head and begin fucking her mouth,forcing my cock to the back of her throat. She swallows every drop of my warm cum. I can hear her orgasm from being so naughty.

And as we dress we smile at each other. The classy woman look is back, but I still see the hint of naughtiness in her eyes. She whispers in my ear of how much she enjoyed me, and enjoyed being my slut. She gives me ownership of her pussy. And we spend many afternoons in pure pleasure. The classy woman in public, but my
personal slut that only I am allowed to see.

More soon.

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