Those annoying/bad habits  

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4/20/2006 9:43 pm

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Those annoying/bad habits

So I was thinking about the qualities that one might find annoying in a person or the bad habits that just might drive someone (me) up the wall. You never see these things when you first meet someone; either because you're concentrating too much on the attraction you feel for him/her, or because we are always "on our best behavior" when we're trying to impress someone. I mainly started thinking about this because I was thinking about my own annoying habits that I might have that would drive someone crazy. Mmmmmm, (thinking), nope, I dont have any! OK, Just kidding!

Well, first I'll start off with the bad habits that irritate me. I'll try to keep the list under 50 *S*

1)The one thing I've noticed really gets under my skin is having a nice quiet lunch and having someone come sit next to me and start chomping away noisily at their food. Oh, how aggrevating. I really dont like to hear ppl eating with their mouth wide open, slurping, chomping, and grunting away as they chew.

2)I also cant stand it when Im waiting on a red light and someone pulls up next to me with their windows down and radio blasting while Im trying to hear my own music nice and quietly. I dont want to be forced to hear what ever crap they're listening to, I want to hear my own music.

3)I cant stand to hear someone constantly whining and complaining about their life, the weather, the trees, the sun and the stars! We all have problems, difficulties, issues, hectic schedules and we have to find a way to deal with it and make the best out of a not so great situation. Bitching about it all the time isnt going to make it go away, trying to do something about it will.

4)Rude, impolite, ill-natured people. They always give me the impression that their life is so miserable and must suck so bad that the only way to feel a little better is by making someone else's life miserable by being as rude and as mean as possible. A little friendliness, politeness, and thoughtfulness towards others goes a long way in my book.

5)and finally, really loud, obnoxious, potty mouth type people. I really cant stand people that cannot complete a whole sentence without cursing something. I mean, why the fuck do they find it so fucken necessary to fucken have to stick a "bitch", "mother fucker", or "fucken cock sucker" and the beginning, middle, and end of a sentence as a verb, noun, and adjective?

So those are the big 5 bad habits I find pretty annoying. As for my own habits that I think might become annoying to someone, some I've worked on im improving, some are in progress, and some are here to stay with me, like it or not!

I think the biggest one I have is teh prep time I need to get ready to go somewhere.I need about 1 1/2 hrs. to get ready and I dont like to be rushed, and Im pretty sure anyone that has to wait around for 1.5 hrs for someone would get pretty annoyed. Unfortunately, this one is here to stay. I need my 1 .5 hours (AT LEAST). Dont ask me why, I only have 5'/113 lbs. of body to wash, my hair is short and should be easy to style, and I dont wear a lot of makeup, but still, it would be mission impossible for me to get ready to go anywhere in 1/2 hour. Not happening!

Something Im trying to improve because it drives ME crazy too... I save every piece of paper and mail that comes in, just in case I need it later, or for when I have time to look at it. It never fails, it just stacks up. And Im such a procrastinator about throwing it all away. I save it for when I "have time" to look through it and throw away what's junk. Finally I came up with a plan to just put it all in one box, in the closet and out of the way so I can clear it out. I've been meaning to clear it out for the past 2 yrs! But I promise, before another 2 yrs go by, I'll get rid of all the useless paper. Its my 4 year plan.

The bad habit I used to have and am proud to say I am now clean and sober from is... I used to have the habit of leaving out of the fridge what ever gallon/liter of drink I'd take out till I finished eating. Whether it was milk, juice, soda. Out it came and I'd leave it on the table while I sat down and took my sweet time eating ( I eat very slow). Apparently this did annoy "some people". Not any more! I will put it back right away, as soon as I pour myself a glass and not let it warm up to room temperature.

Oh yes one more... I like to slurp my coffee in the morning. But it just tastes so much better! I like to sit on a quiet Saturday morning with my cup of coffee and slurp it down, a sip at a time. This also seems to be annoying to "some people" and so I only do it when Im alone *S* Although in China it would be considered rude not to slurp! (or is it Japan?) Also, it tastes the best if I slurp my coffee in the morning, as opposed to in the afternoon. Yes, its weird, I know!

So, I wonder what bad habits others might find really aggrevating, or might have themselves and are aware that they are annoying?

TabithaElectra79 39F

4/24/2006 7:09 am

I do a very similar paper hoarding thing to you!

quietmansect 42M
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4/25/2006 10:05 am

Your dislikes are part of what drives me to the woods.


1LovelyBrunette replies on 4/25/2006 11:57 am:
Hi Quiet, I think you're responding to my comment on your blog... about the camping with the bugs, no bathroom, no shower, and no electricity? The peacefulness of the woods is heaven, the freaky bugs and chasing after your next meal is not, LOL!

rm1973 45M

4/25/2006 4:43 pm

Too funny...i just came home and threw away my stack of mail so quickly...i'm quite the opposite, i probably throw away too much stuff cause I hate having it lying around!

1LovelyBrunette replies on 4/28/2006 4:45 pm:
Oooooh, you shouldn't have done that. You probably threw away something very important, like a winning lottery ticket, or a Will left to you from some distant deceased relative, or something you might need, say.... 3 yrs from now, like me

manextraordinare 42M

5/7/2006 2:35 pm

general comments...i'll try and keep them in order. starting with others and finishing with yours:

1) people who breath heavy while there eating. like there about to suffocate eating a piece of bread....chill out for a second. take a breath for crying out loud. i won't steal your food.
2) i've learned there is no cure for selfishness. which is basically what that boils down to...those are the same people who park right in front of the store door even tho it's not a parking spot and block the flow of traffic. that drives me up a wall. sometimes it's a short drive. lol
3) excellent advice. your maturity impresses me.
4) it baffles me to no end how rude people can be. maybe the need to be spanked as mentioned in your law suit post. i've come to the conclusion that they have no idea there even doing it. even tho' i know they really do, it's the only way i can accept it and not get angry. further more show me someone who doesn't take advantage of another person's kindness and generosity and i will be aww struck.
5) those damn cock suckers lol. i'm a construction worker so i guess i'm used to that. tho' i can understand where you're coming from.

a) if i was as pretty as you i'd find myself captivated with what i saw in the mirror too. we could never date now because in an 1 1/2 hours i'd be home already and you still wouldn't have left. that's funny.
b) i've been collecting paper work since i moved out of my parents house. i'm terrified of paper and anything in an envelope. an office manager i am not. i could never throw any of it away because as soon as i do i know the paperwork police are going to cart me off to jail.
c) you only left drinks out till after you finished eating? that's pretty good if you ask me. i leave them out till the next morning. hip hip horay! i love being single.
d) coffee taste better in general if your annoying someone while drinking it. slurp away babe.

well, after all this i oughtta put at least one thing out there that i find annoying....people who can't figure out how to use the self check out line. "place your grapes on the belt" it sounds so simple yet time and time again i assist these folks with there confusion....cordially i say "it's an encrypted message but it means take your grapes off the scale and put them on the conveyor belt" go figure...

thanks for the mini vent session. hope you kicked ass on the test you pulled an all nighter studying for.

1LovelyBrunette replies on 5/9/2006 8:00 pm:
Oh, sometimes I hate that freaking self check out line. I only use it if I have 2 items, no more than 3. "Item removed from the bagging area" I didnt remove any item from the bagging area! "Please place the item in the bagging area" What item? Its already in the bag, I didnt take it out of the bag to begin with! "Item removed from the bagging aread, please return item to the bagging area." I didnt touch the freaking item, its been in the bagging aread this whole freaking time. Please wait for assistance... please wait for assistance! What the freak?! Now I have to wait 10 minutes for a cashier to come and press a bunch of numbers to clear the stupid computer... meantime I have 7 customers behind me, all pissed off at me for holding up the line and all I wanted was a gallon of milk, yogurt, oranges, and a loaf of bread.

manextraordinare 42M

5/10/2006 6:51 pm

oh yeah that's a good one. very similar to that would be a variation of one that seem to encounter a lot....happens with really light items such as a little bag of tiny screws. one little old bag i'm thinking, it's only $0.89 i'll be outta here in no time a'tall. wrong. "please place item in the bagging area" yup it's in let me just shake the bag a little so it registers. "please place item in the bagging area" ok i see how it's gonna be. i'm cool, i'm collective, i'ma take it back out and toss it down on there just a bit harder. you gravity out a little. yup, you guessed it..."item removed from the bagging area". so as you can see i feel your pain kid. i've been there and it hurts but together we're gonna make it through this.

i left 4 quarters on the scanner, grabbed my tiny little weightless till it's removed from the "bagging area" bag of screws and went on my merry way.

still i remain a believer in the self check out theory. a slow learner...perhaps. mostly the reason lies in the fact that cashiers aren't very friendly or helpful....ever have one decide it was a good time to start text messaging on there phone whilst i stand here fully prepared with gallon of milk in one hand and payment method in the other.

OMG...monthly grocery buyers and the self true. we can't even go there. this blog post would never end

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