Meaning of Dreams  

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8/8/2006 8:28 pm

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Meaning of Dreams

I dont know how much dreams might have a significant meaning in our lives, if they mean anything at all. If they have anything to do with our day to day routine of things. I dont have many dreams, or rather, I very rarely remember my dreams. I guess I shouldnt say I never dream, because the brain actually has several dreams a night that although may seem like a movie-long dream, they only last seconds... thats what I remember from psychology anyway. But, I never remember my dreams, every once in a big blue moon I'll remember, and only because I wake up crying hysterically from it, or I wake up scared half to death in a cold sweat and shivering. Once or twice I've dreamed a normal dream, or I think I have, only because I've thought about it the next day that I had a dream with someone and it's put a smile on my face. I remembered not too long ago that I was dreaming about someone, and I know who the person was in my dream, but thats all I remember, I dont know what the dream was about. But lately... within the past 2 weeks I've remembered 3 dreams I was having, although very vaguely. And they're really weird, freaky dreams, and its only got me wondering if they mean anything because they were somewhat similar to each other. My first dream I remembered had to do with fleas. In my dream someone handed me a small animal and when they took it back, my arms were covered with its fleas. The fleas started digging into my skin, trying to bury themselves inside and as they were digging in, I had a horrible burning, painful sensation in all the spots they were on. It was just disgusting, and gross, and freaky. I dont know what's up with that. Then I had another dream with beatles, really big, vicious beetles that had these really hard shells on them, that was really weird too. The 3rd dream was with another animal, and it wasnt a nice cuddly bunny either. It was something that was trying to bite, or that had the potential of doing damage, attacking, or something. I cant remember much else about the third dream. And those are my 3 dreams from these past 2 weeks that I remember. I used to have this book on the interpretation of dreams, but dont anymore, I never paid much attention to it. But sometimes I cant help but think that when there is a series of them that are so related, they may have some connection, meaning or something. I dont know.

Why cant I just have a nice, hot, sexy dream?! And I'd like to remember it when I wake up, thank you, if I dont remember it doesnt count. Is that too much to ask. Men have wet dreams!! That's not fair if you ask me.

rm_alotofPlzr4U 107M

8/9/2006 8:25 am

Oh my LB... those are awful dreams!!!
You should definitely try to research what the meaning is.. from my Psych classes... they're likely stress reducers of some type..

I had one a few weeks that was horribly frightening.. I was in a plan that crashed.. I woke up ight before the plane hit the earth... the worst part was, I flew out 1 week later...

I bet you do have some sexy dreams mixed in.. you just aren't getting to remember them.. don't you ever wake up just with that yearning lusty feeling?

1LovelyBrunette replies on 8/13/2006 4:56 pm:
Have I ever woken up with a yearning lusty feeling? No, I dont think I have The whole worrying/stress thing makes sense.

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