The injustice of frustration  

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5/25/2005 3:56 pm

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The injustice of frustration

Reading the title, one might say..."what frustration?" What I speak of is the frustration encountered by many women who after the big build up by their boyfriends, lovers, husbands, etc. fail to acheive orgasm. But out of love, loyalty or for whatever reason, most just fake it rather than hurt their partners feelings by telling him "Is that it? Is that all you got?" And after all is said and done, she must...if she wants that sweet release, pleasure herself. Most times while he sleeps. This she does as quietly as possible, her partner being none the wiser. I'm no expert on women by the stretch of anyones imagination. (I felt the need to post that disclaimer early on) But I have made it my goal in life ton figure out jsut exactly what it takes to please a woman. Which if you really think about it in it's proper eprspective can be quite a daunting task, seeing as how all women are different with differnt sexual needs and wants. I've felt compelled to post this blog to explain how I came to my conclusions, techniques, etc. I've learned a lot about women in my lifetime and would like to share my thoughts and discoveries with you.

Naughtygirl350 63F

5/25/2005 8:43 pm

its most strange to me that I should see this post today When I was first married my ex was frustrated that I didn't cum during intercourse and I blamed myself for this. But now I know its not uncommon for women to experience this. I was satisfied when he would orally take care of me. A few of the men I have been with since my divorce have a problem with coming down on a woman but seem to expect the woman to come down on him. When a man doesn't take the time to stimulate and pay attention to me as a woman then I loose interest in the act and it ends up hurting and sex which should be fun isn't. But the more I learn about what I like and don't like in the sex game the more reason to search only for those men who walk the talk so to speak. Naughtygirl350

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