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1983luv4u 34M
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5/19/2006 12:07 pm
The Big O

Is sex based on achieving orgasms? I've always loved the feeling of having oegasms and giving orgasms. In a way I feel girls are more lucky that they have different types of orgasms and I think I was good enough to let one lucky girl experience three types over a very short span of time. Then space was a constraint to give her the fourth type. Of course the fourth type I would consider would make a woman complete, at least that is what i believe.

Although it is popular that girls are naturally gifted withthe ability to have multiple orgasms, it is now coming into the light that men are equally capable but this ability doesn't come naturally. I still haven't understood why it is so? I tried an expreiment where it was possible for me to have three orgasms in a row after which I felt it was time to go to bed lest i'd have been late for office the next day. The poin I'm trying to make is that it is possible for men to be multi orgasmic and boy I'd like to see the result of it

EbonyHnk 38M

5/20/2006 1:14 am

*(Is sex based on achieving orgasms? )* Partly .... its the ultimate goal for most us

Men multi-orgasmic ? Nooooo way ! Its just too 'un-manly'

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