More Eye trouble  

1946Lizard 71M
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7/15/2006 9:09 am
More Eye trouble

Hey let's hear it for getting older(you all notice I said "Older" and NOT "Old"..there is a differance); last Saturday evening I noticed a shadow creeping across my field of vision, Sunday I ended up in the eye doc's office with a detached retina. Let me tell you while it does save your vision and is more uncomfortable than painful (Thank Gawd for lydocaine), the procedure still gives me the shakes. The first needle stuck into my eyeball was lydocaine to numb out the rest of the stuff that was going to happen, he then used liquid nitrogen to freeze spots on the eyeball, in effect creating blisters through the eye for the retina to attach to. He then inserted a needle into my eye to place a bubble of some inert gas to hold the retina in place against the back of the eye finally another needle was put in to remove some of the vitrious gel to keep the pressure down. A bandage over my eye and sent home with instructions to lie on my left side as much as possible. Yeah I knw this is supposed to be a blog for sexual and erotic things and from some of the pictures I've been sent I hope it will be soon; "Keep those Cards and Letters Cumming" I hope to meet some of you on line. VICTORY-- Jim

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