xg0dd355 54F
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7/26/2005 8:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Three men held her down on the bed. They tore off all her clothes revealing that she wore nothing underneath her dress. Her pussy was clean shaven and her nipples stood up hard and taunt. She struggled to get free but the men held her firmly against the bed.

The leader of the group shoved his hard cock deep into her and started to fuck her savagely while his two friends held her down. He rammed his cock in and out of her pussy without any mercy. His plunges were strong and steady - in and out of her cunt. Then she stopped struggling but began to respond by moving her hips up and down in unision with her . Her sex juices began to flow and the sound of sex liquid filled the room. She began to groan and moan as he brought her from one orgasm to another by her . She closed her eyes and a smile played on her face as she felt the excitement of being . Waves of sensation flowed all over her body and she opened her legs wider to recieve his shaft. His movement became faster and faster as he prepared to unload his seeds into her womb. Then he exploded into her making her scream with joy.

She need not be held down anymore as she now willingly submit herself to the sexual onslaught of the other two men.They took turns to fuck her and she gave herself totally to them and cumming and cumming over and over again. Her pussy is now overflowing with cum and the men left her naked on the bed with her torn clothes lying on the floor. Her cunt was oozing with cum . That woman was me.

freetime648 53F

7/26/2005 10:20 pm

is not a word that would best describe this situation. It no longer is when she (ie:you) begins to enjoy it and smile. Be careful how you describe this in the future. What it seems to me here is that you were a submissive, not a victim. Being by anyone is not something that you begin to enjoy at any point. AND it is not something that you would want to write about at all. Trust me I know. Just thought I would let you know.

xx FREETIME648 xx

geman04 51

8/4/2005 5:50 pm

WOW you are one hot woman and I wish I was one of the dudes that got to fuck you as hard as they could I like asian woman and would like to take you rough and hard and fill you full of cum

xg0dd355 54F

8/5/2005 5:23 am

Yes I love to be taken rough and savagely. I get turned on and my orgasms will cum in a long series of sexual climaxes.

riddick6_7 38M
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8/21/2005 3:01 am

See... That's what I took this as.... Her fantasy is to be taken as roughly as possible... She wants her man to tear of her shirt without asking.. pull her hair when taking her from behind... and just be as rought as possible

rm_prime59469 59M
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8/26/2005 4:37 pm

Damn, you are one hot asian cumslut. I would surely take you and fill you with cum as often as I could too

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