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Please pardon my plaigerism. This post has been constructed of excerpts from a number of blogs in no particular order. then,completely out of their intended context, they were sliced,diced,and reassembled to form this completely synthesized post. All credit for contributions will be acknowledged in the biblyBlography.

It was a private party,held in a trendy club located in an upscale section of Georgetown,a D.C. suburb. I wasn't sure I wanted to be here,but curiosity ruled and here I was. Worse yet,I was with a guy I'd never met before tonight.1)The guy,I mean ,was he nuts or what,he actually sent erotic photos of himself!!! He said he was single but I wasn't convinced.That alone doesn't matter,but when he gets caught, it's my life that takes the beating.2)I have had more than my share of men who feel it is necessary to tell their wife everything after they have been busted"..like phone #,address,etc. I pounded a drink or three,checking out the crowd...D.C. heavies,white house groupies,frat boys who3)want to live in a beer commercial... My date brings me a glass of some kind of punch from a bowl on an otherwise empty buffet table. Not what I really wanted, but 4) I need a drink and it's here...Very strange taste....I soon felt oddly at ease,kind of tingly,warm,very warm,but good warm....the punch!!
I'd heard rumors....My hearing became sharp,pinpoint accurate..this is amazing,I tell no one in particular.Much more intense than the LSD that made the rounds during college.Clothes are shedding,bodies tangled in couples and more. Someone's talking..a yuppie-type naked save for a clipboard and pen 5)I am curious,(yellow I think laughing)Have you received anal sex,and did you enjoy it6)What the hell were these kids talking about? I'm losing my clothes,Did I take them off? Who cares at this point,I just want in!7)Excuse me miss,have you seen my penis? He shows me, I think I want to hold it,but my hands are full..later maybe...Oh ,by the way,I'm so and so, let's have a drink.9)Yes,more punch,and with the patience of a hooker with the rent due,I head for the elixer. Too easily I drank another glass and more. Now I NEED to join the network merged all around me.10)but how do you get from hi to three naked people;2 fucking and 1 watching intently..oh, it's date guy,he's a voyeur and can't get it up,I think aloud..I find myself becoming the center of attention11)penis upon penis,groin upon groin, a veritable phallic fallacy....they swarmed me like insects, but nice ones,men took me coming and going,the women did things that women know to do...is that the former...? the cigars, the women have cigars I see them using them like toys,then smoking,12)reminds me of picking your nose and eating the boogers.Something is changing..oooohh that's cold.They fill my cavities with punch,a man tied up and hooded is brought to me, prodded along by a woman with a crop. he kneels and starts to drink the fluids from within me..13)I was being watched,was I surprised? I was ..14)date-boy is now sucking the semen out of my vagina and anus..felching,the word is felching.15)Maybe you already know it16)..Ashcroft must have crapped his pants when he heard about this one...the world is a total blur now,date boy,pathetic trying to be a big boy,17)iI'm calling someone elses name as I'm about to come....sissy..lol cause the 1juice he was swigging as he left was not from fruit.19)trippy chick me wanders out on Tavern row..20)trying to trip customers as they walked in......BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP WHADDAFUGINNHELLIZAT???? OH DAMN..6:30 already? Whew! what a strange dream...Good thing they can't read minds or I'd be a patient instead of a shrink...
Dr. Feelgood

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