she did it  

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5/24/2006 2:36 pm
she did it

My dearest friend just had her stomach stapling surgery today. Wow. Mixed feelings.

I am so happy to have just heard her voice over the phone, and she's okay.

I'm glad she finally got what she wanted, after 8 years of researching this.

But I'm sad that she didn't appreciate how beautiful she was already. Why don't people just "get" how attractive they already are.

Oh, I know the health benefits. I know. And I'm very appreciative of how her risk for so many things has just gone down.

But in spite of that, it is her looking forward to the weight she'll lose, and gaining the figure she wants, that makes me sad. I'm ELATED she'll be healthier. But I feel...defeated?... that I was never able to convince her that her beautiful hair, her piercingly intelligent eyes, her nose, her lips, the clear white skin of her shoulders, neck, stomach, thighs, arms..... her embrace, her warmth......

She was already deliciously beautiful, enough to make any artist weep in admiration, and any man kneel before her in humility.

Now she'll just be smaller.

If she is happier, if she gets the confidence in her appearance that she was lacking before, then just bag this blog. I'm happy, too!!!

But... I love her anyway... large or small... I love her so much anyway.


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