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6/8/2006 2:38 pm

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She's having a hard time right now being a single mom, with parents and men galore trying to get in the way, so I don't want to bring up "distractions" for her right now. Wild fun has its place, and right now, not a good time.

So, mind if I share a few of my own? I love the look and feel of sexuality. I'm just completely awed by it. I love the colors, textures, postures, shapes....

Let me show you some. These are from today, at the request of another AdultFriendFinder friend. And I give *myself* permission to post these.

Everytime I cum, I want to celebrate. *MY* body did that. I did. Me.

It's so cool.

I'll shush now. Enjoy! (I call this one "Lily 12 Pups" a sort of "pollenation" photo (hope you don't have allergies!

Wish the glistening droplets showed up better in here.


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