Welcome to the Lifeboat!  

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5/8/2006 12:01 pm

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Welcome to the Lifeboat!

An AdultFriendFinder "friend with benefits" showed up for an airplane ride I promised to her and her children -- with her new boyfriend. I saw the concern in her eyes. We hadn't discussed this and she was worried. I saw the way he clung to her, tightly, staring at me in defiance, afraid of me as I stepped out of the plane in my uniform to approach their group. I felt bad for him. He had nothing to fear from me, in spite of the uniform. She obviously had invited him. That's all I needed to know. And it was perfectly all right. I understand.

¡A sus ordenes, mi amigo! --me llamo Captain Pups, mucho gusto. I introduced myself to him, to everyone, as if I were a stranger -- even to her. (Hardly! *s*)

It was my great pleasure to play sky chauffeur to her and her boyfriend. I knew she was worried about what I was thinking, after she said he and she were through, and that she'd have time for me. But there was nothing I could do. I had a role to play. I was part of the plane.

I took them up past the magical 5280 mark, but they didn't take advantage. Shoot. That comes with a pin and a plaque you know! (The infamous "mile high" club).

See, I am not just a sexual creature. I am a whole human, not just that one aspect of humaness. I love the sight of someone finding her love, and I will gladly step aside for that. I can't be to her what he can. So I wish them all the joy that their union can possibly bring! And like the loyal friend that I promised her to be, I will be there if/when he fails her.

I keep my promises. And it is not that hard, friends. To see someone so happy, and know you had a part in that... that's what it's all about.

It is no secret many people confuse deeper emotional needs with sexual apetite. They hope that attracting someone to enjoy their body will validate them, affirm them as valuable, or just make them forget their loneliness. I understand that. I go through that, too. So I try to sort that out among my new friends. I can't "take advantage" of someone's willingness to "play" with me if I think they really need something else. That's ugly. I am not into "ugly."

Here is my boast: I *am* the world's greatest lover -- not "sexer" (though I might have aspirations toward that goal...*he giggles as he writes this*).

I am the warmest, 'bestest' hugger on this planet. Most definitely. My hugs will devour you and yet restore you at the same time. I will hold you until *you* tire of the embrace, trading energy with you. If you need a hug, if you need to just be appreciated as a human being in the sea of pain, then take my hand. These giant paddles, my hands, are strong. Hold on to me. I will haul you up into these big arms, pull you against this giant Russian chest, and then hug you close to warm you.

Perhaps you like massage? These hands were trained at Bath, England, the birthplace of massage. I will give you the most soothing massage--if that's what you want (and *who* could refuse?). Perhaps you like sensual massage? Healing massage? --Your choice!

Why not just anonymous sex? Because I need to be valued by you as a friend more than I need anything else on this earth. I'll bring you to my lifeboat, dry you off and warm you, give you good coffee (or tea) -- or just hold you until you can sit without trembling.

Then, you choose. Jump back in? Swap ships? Or lie with me under the stars learning the constellations? Or let's investigate each other's erogenous zones....

However you like.

Because if you're not with me by your own free will, by your choice at that point, I can't enjoy any physical intimacy beyond the hug anyway!

I need what you need. I am human just as you are human. We need the same things.

Maybe you are like me already. You have learned that you are not able to have "anonymous" sex. Maybe like me, it drives you crazy to be so vulnerable and exposed and then, abruptly... at the end of the night... abandoned. Ouch! Lots and lots of emailis *until* you meet, and then empty inbox. The intimacy was a lie.

I can only be physically intimate with someone who chooses me. I can only be that vulnerable to someone *after* we have a trusting, close friendship. And then, there is no limit to what we might do! I am very sensual at that point. These hands, these lips.... they want so much, they can *do* so much....

And then if you decide that someone else will please you more, go to him/her. I will have the memory of us. And it will be enough. I'll be here if you need a friend. I won't abandon you. You go play. You go do what you need to do, knowing that if you need to turn around and run back to me, I'll still be here. I won't forget you or lock the door behind you.

I have several intimately close friends. Male and female. And I certainly have room for more. You are cordially invited to join us.

Are you alone? Are you just lonely? Take my hand. Climb on board. Welcome to the lifeboat! And meet my other friends. They are very, very nice folks! Some come and go, back and forth, stopping in only for coffee now and then. Others, they're practically residents. You can meet us one at a time or (*he smiles knowingly here*) all at once. Up to you...



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